5 things you must know before you invest in Pancake Poll token.

Immediately I saw and read about Pancake poll token,  I knew it was going to gather a lot of deserved attention. The token was released a couple of days ago and it has done 50x already. And I’m sure it will do greater numbers of what it is.

Here are five things you should know before you decide to buy the Pancake Poll token.

Pancake Poll is coin and token voting company that lists  the latest crypto projects.
It is an amazing new way for crypto investors and  enthusiasts to not only pick out the best new cryptocurrencies and tokens on the internet, but also to get involved in what happens in the crypto world. With pancake poll you are allowed to voting. Voting  is open 24hrs.


There are many ways to Earn  pancake poll (PPOLL) and other tokens for free with fantastic interest rates, on the platform.

One of such ways is with the Milk Pools

Here you can Stake Pancake POLL token, and earn free tokens. The folks holding Pancake Poll token are currently earning free tokens each week from major projects. New crypto join the platform every day, so you can earn more. It is an easy to thing to do.

You can also earn Pancake POLL tokens with Yield Farms

Stake Liquidity Provider tokens, earn Pancake POLL. You take on a little more exposure to market fluctuations than with the Milk Pools but can earn a higher annual percentage rate (apr) to offset your risk.

Earn by Just holding

If you’re just holding your PanCake Poll tokens in your wallet, you will still get rewarded a small amount every time a PPOLL transaction happens.

Create NFTs and token airdrops

You can create a token airdrop in as little  as 7 seconds within the Pancake poll platform using the token manager feature.

You also can automatically generate or create your very own NFT and sell your NFTs collections on Pancake poll marketplace.

Liquidity and Market Capitalization.

As I write this, Pancake poll’s market cap is a respectable $5,692,980. And the liquid pool is around $563931.

It has a growing number of holders with about 5960 addresses, as new investors are buying the tokens everyday.

In conclusion, this is a legitimate project that is going to explode over time, I think. It will moon because the utility and functionality backing the token is very much in demand. Even if you don’t want to invest, keep an eye on this project.


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