Angry Squid  Review : Legit or Scam?

AngrySquid token is currently pumping hard in crypto apps. it is one of the highest performing tokens of the time of writing. I have decided to write a review of the token, to find out if the token is genuine or a scam. Therefore, If you are considering FOMOing into AngrySquid because you saw it pumping on, or maybe you are just curious about the token. This review is definitely for you. I have checked everything (well, almost everything) on your behalf. All you need do is find a comfortable place to consume this “launch”.   

Before we begin this review, you need to know that I’m not a banker or financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. This article is just for educational purposes, consider it a form of entertainment. I’m not here to promote or disparage any coin. I consider my analysis to be objective and fair. If you are not satisfied with the things I say, no problem. You are encouraged to always do your own research, whether you agree with me or not.

With that say, let’s get into business

Here’s a little intro to UpLink, according to

“Angry squid is inspired by the squid game. Its characteristic is to let you get enough income outside of life, which is loved by everyone. Now, angry squid, it’s coming. Make sure not to miss this opportunity to have an experienced team! We brought you Angry Squid, where you can enjoy the pleasure of the game and the bonus. Angry Squid has high bonuses and is ready to succeed. Join Angry Squid and get high bonuses!”

Personal Opinion. The last SQUIDGAME inspired token I reviewed was an obvious scam. Yet, many people fell for it. And this one strikes me like an obvious scam too. How do I know? There is no project yet. It is based on the same SQUID token template. Anyway, let’s not conclude.

When I am looking at a new token, to confirm their actual nature, the below are the things I look out for.


White paper

Market Capitalization

Liquidity Pool

Developers behind the project

What people are saying about the

(If you are a frequent visitor of this website, you should know this. I want to stop writing this, however, 80% of my readership are new people. I know frequent readers are tired of seeing this. I’m tired of writing it)

I will go on to explain these points, in the following paragraphs.


AngrySquid’s token’s website is trash, if there’s something below trash, that’s what it is. The website is one of the worst, I have ever seen. The website looks like something a mad man put together. I’m not kidding.  The website is, however, SSL secure, that’s the best thing about the website and I’m guessing the entire token. By just going through the description on the website, you’d tell this token has nothing to offer. But people are so blinded by their greed, they’d eat an obvious poison that promises them more money. This token’s website is the most obvious scam website I have seen. They are not even trying to hide anything. I think it’s an experiment to test how dumb crypto investors are. I don’t even know how to begin analyzing the description. The Errors are obvious, from their use of the English language, the dead links, to the general look of the website. It is glaring.


They described their tokenomics like this

AngrySquid Total tax is 12%. Development Fund : 3% marketing. Bounties : 5% automatic dividend. Flow cell : 2% increase liquidity develop nft games : 2% develop nft games.

These guys are criminals, I swear to God. I don’t even know what to say.

I’m not going to bother about the Liquidity Pool and Market Cap. There’s no need to check, these AngrySquid developers are high way robbers on the internet.

White Paper

There’s no white paper for this nonsense. Another red flag, greed will not let desperate investors see. They didn’t even bother to include one.

Developers behind the AngeySquid token

The creators of this piece of trash are unknown. The whole not doxxing thing benefits them a lot. They enjoy their loot in peace.

What people are saying about the coin

On youtube, many people seem to be recognizing it as the fraud it is. I’m happy about that. At least, even if some investors are dumb, a simple youtube search should reveal that they are making a terrible mistake. Here’s what people are saying.

On Discus, here’s what people are saying about the coin.

In conclusion

AngrySquid token is a scam. The token has ticked all the boxes of a scam coin. This is not   financial advise. DO NOT INVEST.

If you enjoyed or disagree with this review, let me know by placing a comment. You can also share it. Let get more people to stop buying these thieves shitcoin.

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