Atari Token Review: Legit or Scam?

I did not plan to do this Atari token review today. I did not know a token like this ever existed until someone, through YouTube asked me to look at it. I checked the token out on many fronts and I got deeply interested in the token. Now, many folks are convinced the token is a scam. While some still maintain it is a legit project. This sort of makes the token a reviewer’s nightmare. Anyway, I will go on to review the token to the best of my ability. It is important to note that,  this review was created for those who are interested or someway connected to Atari token, either as a holder or a potential holder. I understand people can get emotional about where their money is, try to understand that this review was not done to spread FUD or hype.

Before we begin, know that I’m not a banker or a financial adviser. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. It is important to verify or fact-check the things you got from this review and make your conclusions.  This article is just a guide.  Consider it entertainment.” Without further ado, let’s begin.

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What is Atari Token

Through coin market cap, we find out that
Atari Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. It was designed by Atari Chain Ltd. — a subsidiary of the video game and consumer electronics firm Atari Interactive — specifically for the needs of the interactive entertainment industry. Atari’s plan for its ATRI token is to become a universal means of payment for the video game industry, allowing developers and publishers new options for monetization of their products, integration of smart contracts, protection of in-game assets, and more. On coin market cap, the token is rated highly and it is on the watchlist of over 84,000 people. This is huge. Let’s go to review Atari token’s website.

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Atari Token’s Website

Atari token’s website is well designed. You can tell it was put together by a professional developer. The token seems to have a central focus or utility around it. So, it is not a meme coin. The token is ‘multi chained’, that is, it exists on various blockchains. These blockchains are  Ethereum, binance, fantom, and Matic. As mentioned earlier, the token was created to become the token of reference for the interactive entertainment industry. Their goal is to have the Atari Token used as widely as possible across the interactive entertainment industry. Download and read the white paper to get detailed info about the token.

We also find out that Atari token has it native decentralized exchange. Which it calls Atari Dex. Atari Dex only supports a handful of cryptocurrencies.


Atari token is perhaps the first and only token without tokenomics. What is a token without tokenomics? I understand this project was launched in 2020, crypto has come a long way since then. I think herein is the problem with this token. The developers behind this token somehow are perhaps not that or are no longer enthusiastic about this project. The token’s white paper has not been updated for two years. I think that gives investors the nature of those behind the token. Moving On, let’s review the contract on

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Atari Token On TokenSniffer

Through tokensniffer, we find out that atari token’s contract is rated 41%, which, honestly is a red flag. According to the contract reviewing platform, Atari token is rated 41% because the token has potentially toxic whales in its ecosystem. Also, although the token has enough liquidity, not enough liquidity is locked/burned which could allow for significant amounts to be removed (rug pull).
However, the token has its positive side. For example, investors do not pay tax to buy and sell the token. The token is renounced (this could be bad sometimes). The contract is of high quality and unique only to the token.

The Developers of Atari Token

The owners of this token are known. Although, the folks running the day-to-day operations are relatively unknown. The owner of the token is an entertainment interactive company based in Paris, according to The Chairman or CEO of the company is Chesnais Frederic.

What Investors  are saying about Atari Token

Through, we find out that many have been burnt by this token.


In conclusion, this token started as a grand idea that has lost steam. The developers behind this token do not understand how to market the project. I do not think the token is a scam. However, the growth trajectory is not looking promising. The parent company,   atari, look pretty legit, however, it is not looking like they give two cents about the project. Another point of big consideration is the fact the liquidity is not locked. This makes the token susceptible to a rug. Lastly, as we saw,  many investors have had terrible experiences dealing with this token.  For this token’s fortune to change, the developer must be ready to market the token. Also, information about the token must be updated to include its tokenomics and roadmap, etc. If not, this token will continue to exist in limbo. Peronally, I will not recommend this token to my enemy. It carries loads of unnecessary baggage.

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