Baby Doge Coin reaches 1.4 million Holders. Binance Listing Next?

Meme token BabyDoge, has taken to Twitter to celebrate its reaching 1.4 million holders. The announcement was made through a 15 seconds video in which the babydoge coin symbol was on fire.

This comes as no surprise as meme token has been in the eyes of the public. On the  9th of February, Bitconomy Global, Canada’s biggest centralized  cryptocurrency exchange, listed BabyDoge on its platform. Again, the token striked a partnerships with Hoffeinham fc, a top flight football club based in Europe.

Checking Baby Doge on Bscscan, the exact number of holder is 1,401,883,  Shiba inu’s has only 1.1 million holders. 

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There are rumours  BabyDoge will be listed on Binance soon because one of the criteria for getting listed on binance is having a large user base. Binance C.E.O speaking interview had this to say about the criteria for getting listed on binance.

“That’s the overwhelming significant attribute. Consider for example meme-tokens, even though I personally don’t get it, if it’s used by a large number of users we list it. We go by the community, my opinion doesn’t matter.”

Holders are optimistic and bullish about the future of BabyDoge Coin.

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