Canada Invokes Emergency Act: Canadians React

Following the invocation of the emergency act by Canada’s Prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Canadians and citizens of other nations have taken to Reddit and Twitter to register their displeasure.

On Reddit, a Redditor with the name, Still_Lobster_8428 warned that the invocation will create a criminal black market in Canada. In his words, “it becomes a LOT harder to then convert more fiat to crypto. Of course, there will always be black market services, expect to see criminal fronts pop up that have legitimate businesses that can cover international money transfers that will set up as middlemen to P2P sell you crypto for cash at a 50% premium. They will have the means to cover the international transfers and buy crypto to then resell domestically.”

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Most Redditors seem to agree the policy only encourages hodl.

On Twitter, where Trudeau has been trending for some hours. Neil Clark, a journalist, and broadcaster in the UK had this to say,  “As we see from Trudeau in Canada, globalist authoritarians want a cashless society. Then it’s easy for them to seize the bank accounts of those who protest against the govt & don’t comply with the WEF agenda. Cash = Freedom which is why we must carry on using it whenever we can”.

Mr. Justin Trudeau invoked the emergency Act in response to the weeks-long anti-vaccination protests embarked upon by truckers. The emergency act seeks to target and decimate the protester’s source of funding.

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