Catgirl Coin Review: Legit or Scam?

I think this Catgirl token review is maybe late, but as the English say, better late than never. I have been meaning to review Catgirl token for a while, but haven’t had that push to do it. I, however, woke up this morning to see catgirl token as the 4th most viewed coin on my favorite crypto app, coinmarketcap. That has given me enough motivation to power through. As a reviewer, the worst thing you want to do is to review a token no one cares about. It is tantamount to being in a dark room (where no one sees you) and winking to your crush.

So, if you are an investor just getting to know Catgirl token, curious, or maybe you are already an investor (this demography is usually very sensitive, try to read the review with an open mind). This Catgirl review is made with you in mind.

But before I begin, you and I need to establish an agreement.

“I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. Crypto investments, especially meme coin investments are high-risk, high-reward ventures. This article is just a guide, consider it a form of entertainment.”

With that established, let’s get into the meat of this meal.

Catgirl Coin’s Website

Catgirl token’s website is beautiful. You can tell it was put together by a seasoned professional. The meme coin space is littered with average-looking websites, Catgirl’s is a breath of fresh air. Catgirl’s website is SSL secured.

This to me is the first point of a serious project. Catgirl website’s description begins with a ‘Welcome’ section (if you are not careful, you’d think it’s just a picture)

When you click on “the token” (button), you are directed to another wepage that properly introduces the token.

“CATGIRL¢ is an NFT focused, community-driven cryptocurrency, with real-world use”

That is how Catgirl was introduced. I believe the use of language is clear enough. If you however have a limited understanding of what an NFT is. The white paper does a good job explaining it. The website went to further to explain, how investors in Catgirl can earn.

“Catgirl creates an in-depth entertainment platform consisting of digitally-engineered collectible Catgirls. Users can truly own Catgirls and verify their ownership on the blockchain. With customizable Catgirl NFTs coming soon to our Catgirl ecosystem, we will bring a multitude of ways to allow our users to express themselves, and earn rewards.”

Again, I believe this is simple English for anyone.

We predicted the crash of BNB Heroes, it crashed the very next day.


Nekoverse is introduced as the different ways and methods investors in Catgirl can earn. This method includes farming (which they claim is coming soon). I was expecting more methods or ways since they used plurals, but the way investors can earn with catgirl asides the conventional trading is through Farming, and that is currently unavailable (coming soon)

“Season” was immediately introduced.

Think of the season as the English Premier League (if you are a football fan). Every season comes with different flavors, features, and designs.


In tokenomics, we find out that Catgirl is a reflection token. In case you do not know what a reflection token is. Reflection tokens are those tokens that reward their holders, a set-out percent of it token or other tokens. In that way, holders of the token earn passive income and are encouraged to continue holding.

A 5% tax is levied upon every transaction in the catgirl ecosystem. Here’s how it is broken down. A 1% reflection is sent to every holder of Catgirl as a reward for holding, upon every transaction (buy and sell) done in the catgirl ecosystem. Another 1% is sent to the liquidity pool, which makes Catgirl more liquid facilitating buys and sells. 2% is added to the yet-to-be-announced farming pool. Finally, 1% is added to the marketing and development budget.

This tokenomics is one of the fairest I have come across. The tax is not heavy, unlike many tokens out there that penalize investors looking to exit (liquidate their assets). The tokenomics also make loads of sense.
The total supply is conspicuously absent on the website. But we would check that in the market cap analysis.

The roadmap has been consistent and hasn’t gone that far, considering it was launched on the 31st of May 2021. The developers seem to be slow and steady people.

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Catgirl’s White Paper

Catgirl’s white paper is a webpage that lives on the domain Unlike most white papers that are downloadable pdfs. The white paper begins with an intro. The reason and idea behind Catgirl were thoroughly discussed. The next page (Catgirl’s mission and vision) was discussed. The Catgirl Team claims to value real-world usage. To bring awareness to NFTs. If you are confused about NFTs, the third page did a good job explaining NFTs in simple English. Give it a look.

Market Cap and Liquidity Pool

According to Poocoin. app, as of the time of writing this review. Catgirls market cap is estimated to be $115,753,964. This is the market cap token developers dream of. It shows there are several investors and believers in the project. For a token that is less than 8 months old, this signals progress. 

The liquidity pool

Catgirl’s liquidity pool is currently valued at a combined total of  $4,532,863. 86.8% of the liquidity pool is locked in Unicrypt,  9% of the liquidity is in the deployer wallet, while the rest are unlocked supporting wallets, the chances of being rigged has been reduced significantly. I couldn’t confirm the time frame of the liquidity lock. The liquidity is healthy in my opinion. There’s enough liquidity to get in and out of trades on the Catgirl ecosystem.

Catgirl claims to have over 200k holders. That is true, according to Catgirl has 223,086 holders (as at the time of writing). There aren’t ‘unhealthy’ whales in the Catgirl ecosystem, as the highest holder of Catgirl owns only 1.7% of the token. The holders’ data is healthy. 

Catgirl token’s total supply is 100,000,000,000,000,000. The token is deflationary, as about 62% have been removed from circulation, making the token more valuable. More burn is scheduled to happen. If you don’t understand what deflationary means and other terms used, click here.

Developers Behind Catgirl

On the white paper, the developers made us know that the Catgirl team consists of three professional developers, a talented graphic designer, and a creative writer, who have years of experience in delivering high-quality software and application for large-scale enterprise firms. They further introduced themselves using what appears to be their first names. This is not being doxxed. These names and titles could be fake for all we care.  The developers being undoxxed naturally makes you a little worried about the token. And the fact ownership is not renounced could signal danger to potential investors. I however have come to realize that renouncing ownership of a token comes with its negative consequences that might kill the project (Thanks to the Cheems Inu review I did that, I got attacked for). That’s why being doxxed is so important, I think.

What investors are saying about Catgirl

The vibe I get from the Catgirl community is that of maturity and calm. The token and its holders are quietly going about their business. Here are some of the comments from holders of the token

On YouTube, here are comments from ‘supposed’ investors

On Reddit, this is what I saw.


I believe Catgirl is a legit project. That will continue to grow all things being equal. There’s a general belief that Cat-themed meme tokens will ‘rise’ (cat meme coin era), after the successes of the dog-themed meme coins (dog meme coin era). So, many token developers are creating and positioning their Cat-themed coins to take advantage, when the Cat season falls upon the crypto mere verse. These coins are Catzcoin, Catecoin, etc. However, out of them all, I think Catgirl is well-positioned to become the boss. If you decide to invest in Catgirl try to confirm the liquidity lock time frame.

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