CatzCoin: Legit or Scam. Do your Due Diligence.

Hello dear readers, I’m happy for two reasons.

1. The website got it first comment today. Yaaay!. Thanks Bob, I’ll do the review you asked me to.  Sometimes, it feels like no one reads what I’m writing. That comment motivated me to do more! Be like Bob and comment sometimes, would you?

2. The best football team in the world won their game today, yea, I’m an arsenal fan. The mighty Arsenal trounced Leicester city. Life is good right now. Enough of football.

Back to what we all love and are here for, Crypto!

Today, I’ll be reviewing CatzCoin. I saw the coin doing numbers on coin market cap and decided to check it out for a review.

If you are new to this website or my writing, I usually start my token reviews by listing out the things I checked, as regards the token I’m reviewing. These things are usually,

The Website

The White paper

The Liquidity pool

The Market Cap

The Developers of the token

What people are saying about the token on the various websites.

Before I get into that, let us read a little history of the coin.

CatzCoins was launched on the first of may 2021 by a dev team based in Australia. It is basically, a meme talking targeted at cat lovers all over the over the world. Something like doge coins but for cats. The dev team plan to build utility around the meme coin by creating projects like an NFT tradeable platforms, a CatzSwap De-Fi platform and a Meme ETF.

When the coin first launched, it had a massive pump. Unsurprisingly, it apparently dumped in June’s beer market.

Now, all of a sudden, it is skyrocketing.

CatzCoin’s Website

The website is pretty and neat, Professionally designed. One of those website you’d want to stay and explore. There aren’t many like that in the crypto space. Kudos to whoever is behind the frontend design.

Going through the words on the website, will convince you to buy the project. Descriptions like;

“Why did we create CatzCoin?

Let’s grow, learn and love together.

Cat Fans!

We are cat fans who believe in the power to make a real difference for the better living of all cats. We will donate 5% of the total supply to charity to support abandoned and homeless cats.


We champion values inspired by the power of decentralized finance: CatzSwap, CatzFarm, and CatzTrading.


We do this with the power of our global #catznation community and by working together for the good of all cats out there.”

I know after going through the something like that, many people will want invest their hard earned and  buy into this project, especially, if you really love cats. The flow of the words, is refreshingly different from the cumbersome crypto speak, we are so used to. I think the team recruited a very good copywriter, because, I genuinely think it is one of the best crypto website I have ever visited.

White Paper:

Unfortunately, as at the time of writing this review, catzcoin’s white paper is not available for download on their website. So talking about the tokenomics is a little difficult

However, I was able to get the below on coin market cap

The CATZ token is used for governance, CatzSwap benefits, and voting rights. There is a capped supply of 100 billion tokens. 40% of the supply has been injected as initial liquidity (locked via UniCrypt). 20% will be used for marketing and charity. 10% are designated to future project development and another 10% has been vested to the founders of the project. The remaining 20% of the supply will be burned over a 24-month period. The burn process will occur over time, with 5% being burnt every 6 months, starting October 2021, until the total supply reduces to 80 billion tokens by the end of April 2023.

Being without a white paper, it’s hard to say something concrete about the catzcoin token tokenomics. However, I like the energy around this token’s tokenomics, as presented on coin market cap. There’s clarity of reason and direction around  the project

Liquidity Pool and Market Cap

The liquidity pool of Catz token sits at a respectable $228,232. With 99.6209% of it locked in UniCrypt. This is fantastic!. As It confirms legitimacy of the project and reduces the chances the creators of this token to steal your investment. The liquidity pool has about 17 wallet addresses connected to it.

The token has about 21,315 holders. This is super healthy, as it indicate you are still very early, in case you want to invest.

The market cap is slightly over $16 million and growing. This is a relatively small market cap, but I’m willing to bet that this token’s market cap will gradually explode as it popularity spread overtime.

Developers of the CatzCoin Token.

One of the best things about this token is that it developers are known. Here’s what coin market said about the main developer

“The CEO of CatzCoin is William Wu, previously a Vice President at Oaktree Capital Management, one of the largest and most successfully run private equity firms in the world. Prior to Oaktree, William was at McKinsey & Company, the premier management consultancy and trusted advisor to the world’s most successful corporations and governments. William holds a Master in Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business, a Master in Finance from the London School of Economics, and a Bachelor in Commerce from the University of New South Wales.”

Need I say more?

If you follow my writing, you’d know I love a project with a face. This scores them high on my scorecard.

What people are saying about the token.

On twitter, The token has about 17k followers. This is good for social proof.  Their account, however, hasn’t been really active. They last tweeted in the month of September, as at the time of writing. This isn’t a good sight. Many investors were calling on the admin to show up on twitter.

On their telegram , they barely have 2k people in the group. Investors in the token are upbeat and are excited about the token’s latest pump.


CatzCoin is legitimate. They have a good plan. As you can tell already, I’m a fan of the project.

P.S This is not a financial adviser


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