Cheems Inu Review: Legit or Scam? (Updated Info)

Cheems inu is a new token on the binance smart chain turning the heads of investors. My plan today was to do a Shibelon review but fate drew my attention to Cheems Inu. I believe this review couldn’t be more timely. There’s a lot of FUD around this project and reasonably so. It’s new and internet bots are hyping it to high heavens.

Therefore this cheems inu review is for those who are looking to invest in cheeks inu, those who are just curious about cheems inu, and those who perhaps have already invested in the project. I promise to make the seemingly complicated crypto terms simple and clear.

Before we can go into reviewing cheems inu, you and I need to establish an understanding. (I do this all the time)

“I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. This article is just a guide and nothing more.”

Cheems Inu’s Website

Cheems Inu’s website has been updated, The website is so elegant and beautiful that I will argue and argue with anyone that calls it basic. It is SSL secure and optimized for mobile view. I like that about the website. I have been dealing with crypto websites that lack mobile optimization lately. I was beginning to think that’s the standard now.

Asides from the beautifully arranged links that takes you to the telegram group, poocoin and pancakeswap. Cheems inu’s website description begins with a straight to the point information. They started by saying and I quote that,

“Cheems Inu will be incorporating our token and NFTs into an upcoming cross chain MetaVerse game. Similar to a Grand Theft Auto / Monopoly style game.

This game will incorporate many Play 2 Earn components and in order to participate in many of them, you will need an NFT MINT PASS. This NFT Mint Pass will allow you to own/operate a business within the metaverse in order to earn a passive income!”

Ever Heard of Wolverinu?

An about section followed immediately. We find out that Cheems Inu meme project that is built on the Binance Smart chain. In Cheems Inu own words, Cheems Inu combines Memes & Crypto to bring both LOLs and money to the masses of the internet. I dont understand what this means. The Cheems Inu vision to become the one-stop-shop for all meme token developers and investors on the internet.

The Cheems Inu’s website re introduced Meme tools as a place on the internet where various crypto meme communities and investors can meet for information and education. According to them, “For the first time, token developers and teams will have the ability to target a specific audience that love meme tokens”.

We find out that Cheems Inu’s contract code has been audited by Techrate and Certik. This is good. As it shows Cheems Inu cares about the concerns of it’s investor. I previously had my concerns about Cheems Inu (the comments will tell you everything you need to know). But completing the Certik audit and on boarding is a major win for the Cheems Inu project.

“Cheems Inu developers claim some lad called Crypto Messiah has ‘endorsed’ the project. Who the fuck is that? Elon Musk?”

The above quote is from my first review of Cheems Inu. Crypto messiah is a crypto influencer on Twitter. He has proven to be effective when it comes to marketing meme coins. He is not on Elon Musk’s level though. However, that wasn’t included in this updates version of Cheems Inu’s website.

Going further, we find out that Cheems Inu has been listed on two exchanges. Hotbit and BkEX. Although, the above centralized exchanges aren’t tier 1 (yet). It shows Cheems Inu is making significant progress in its development.

Some NFTs are advertised and listed on the website to be sold on NFTkeys. At the time of writing this review, some are available for sale. While other are claimed to have been sold out.


Cheems Inu has a total supply of 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 $CINU. That’s a monstrous high supply. And a circulating supply of 4,860,000,000,000,000,000,000. This is still a very high supply in my opinion. Cheems inu has a 10% buy tax and 15% sell tax. From the supply, you can tell that coin is deliberately designed not to hold much value. It’s a meme coin to the bone, in my opinion.

The ‘new thing’ the token did that I like is the fact they made available links that directs visitors or potential investors to places they could verify information for themselves.

Discover exciting new and hot tokens, unknown to the pubic. Be the first to invest in these potential crypto moonshots!

Cheems Inu’s white Paper and Techrate Report

Like the Cheems Inu’s website, Cheems inu’s white paper has been updated. It is no longer 64MB heavy. I still think information is lacking on the white paper. But it is a memecoin, some don’t even have whitepapers. In the Cheems Utility part of the white paper, The concept of meme tools was explained with more detail. To summarize, meme tools will be a social media platform that will merge the best characteristic of sites like Reddit, Pooclin, Dextool, Youtube, 4chan etc. It will be a hub where meme voin can’t investors creators and can come together to get information about meme tokens. $CINU or $CHEEMS will be the currency of of usage.

Cheems Inu’s Tech rate audit report

I went through Cheems Inu’s techrate report carefully. The report certified cheems inu’s contract  code to be okay, as it only pointed to one issue it termed “out of gas”

After this, what I saw was initially shocking to me. Due to the (heated) exchanges, I have had with the Cheems Inu community and further research I have done myself. I have come to realize that the contract not being renounced and the owner’s privileges in the audit report aren’t necessarily bad things. I concede to that and I apologize.

Techrate concluded the audit with these final words. “Smart contracts contain low severity issues! Liquidity pair contract’s security is not checked due to out of scope”

Ever heard of Rainbow token?

Market Cap and Liquidity Pool

Currently, according to, Cheems inu has a $26,321,683.06 market cap. For a token that isn’t up to 3 month old, Cheems inu isn’t doing significantly, considering we are currently in beer market. The market cap suggests several investors believe and have their monies on Cheems inu.

Again, according to according to, Cheems inu’s liquidity is currently valued at $3,686,670.96. The liquidity is locked in two separate contracts. 16.% is locked in mudra (contract expires in 6 months), while 75.2% is locked in pancake Lp. I could not determine the lock time frame.

Cheems Inu currently has 50,000+ holders. This is the most impressive thing about the token. It seems to have a good marketing setup. The highest holders of the token do not hold more than 1.5%, which suggests there are no whales in the Cheem’s Inu’s ecosystem, this is a plus for the Cheems Inu token.

Developers behind Cheems Inu

The developers behind Cheems Inu are undoxxed.  They made us aware that the token has been “endorsed” by Crypto Messiah, a black American who is a crypto influencer on Twitter. Why would the developers be comfortable adding an influencer’s picture on their website and not theirs? And for christ’s sake, We don’t even know Crypto messiah’s real name. That’s not being doxxed. This is a red flag to me.

What investors are saying about Cheems Inu

On YouTube, Cheems Inu has a loyal community of content creators and content consumers. It might appear like some of these YouTube creators have been paid to shill the cheems Inu token (which may or may not be true). However, the cheems community are believers and are relentlessly supportive of the token. This post’s comment section should tell you some things about the Cheems Inu community.  Little wonder it has over 50+k holders in barely 3 months post launch.  Here are some of the comments from YouTube.

On Twitter, the hype train is sick. Here are the comments.


I must admit that I didn’t start well with Cheems Inu. I had legitimate concerns and reservations about the project, which the Cheems Inu dev team has significantly addressed. Cheems Inu is safe for investment, in my opinion. The Dev team has proven that over time and Cheems Inu is making giant strides.

“There’s no proper articulation of the Cheems inu idea (at the time of writing), just one-liners, and nfts.”

The above quote was from my first review. I, however, now think that Cheems inu has properly communicated what it is.

The token has a very good hype train, marketing, and good vibes about it. Which many tokens lacks. Cheems inu also recently published a KYC verification certificate under interfi network. This is good as some level of uncertainty has been reduced.

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This review was first published on the 6th of December, 2021, edited on the 9th of December 2021, and updated on the 12th of January.


  1. Hey man,
    This honestly was objectively a very poor post. I feel like you should attempt to speak to the developer about what exactly he is trying to do.

    This really paints a serious project with a strong following in a very negative light.

    • Hey John, thanks for your comment. I didn’t manufacture facts about the project from thin air. I used what I saw on the website, the whitepaper, etc to review the token. If the project is really serious as it claims. I suggest they put out a more serious presentation, renounce the contract and burn the liquidity pool.

      • I agree. Funny I posted to Twitter about something that seemed strange to me that was posted and I swear like 2 minutes later that sketchy “Crypto” dude DM’d me to DM him back instead of answering my simple question directly. Something smells! They should renounce, lock more liquidity if they are serious not to mention have doxxed developers with profiles on their website!

    • You know the dev? Tell him to get doxxed, put in a proper presentation of his projects burn the liquidity pool etc…the sub 50 IQ part is just banter. He can take a joke, can’t he?

      • Burning the LP isn’t a thing, the LP is locked, aside from the portion needed to seed exchanges. You should know some basics before attempting to review tokens. If you mean renounce the contract then heck no. A renounced contract is a dead contract. Unable to grow and adapt, get on exchanges, alter tax to balance needs for LP and marketing. A renounced project isn’t just a red flag it is a declaration that a project is nothing more than a pump and dump and that the creators plan to sell the top and abandon ship.

  2. The fact that you ask for renouncement shows your lack of knowledge. Maybe find something else to write about that yiu have a basic understanding of.

  3. Can any of you offer a counter argument? You all have been herd trolling on here without dropping any adequate info. The website lacks content, the project is the most unrealistic…

  4. Hi bro!
    I think you should close your webpage as your IQ is maybe less than 50 regarsing crypto because you seem to know less than a newbie to crypto:)
    U don t even know that most of serios project did not renounced the ownership due to the fact that if you want to be listed on exchanges you need access to liquidity and if you have rewards you have to cancel all of them… just 2 simple aspects.

    Better focus on something else rather than crypto mate.


    • First, go back to elementary school and relearn your spellings. You sound like some peasant farmer from 1897, you apparently are the owner of the dumb shit coin with no bearing. Many meme tokens have renounced ownership and burnt liquidity…But No, not yours. Go meet legit token creators, I’m sure they will be kind enough to teach your dumb ass how to go about it. Or maybe it’s because you are dumber than Patrick from spongebobsquarepants, you can’t figure that out.

      • There are many shotcoins with admirable projects like safemoon and doge lmaooooo. This sums up your review to the T. You bought safemoon at the top and Doge. Now you are a bitter bagholding degenerate. So you feel to put down other projects. Either you are mad for missing out on this or those Safemoon bags dissapearing into thin air.

      • No serious token or coin has a renounced contract. Not even sure what you mean by burning LP, the LP is locked aside from the portion needed to seed exchanges. An exceptional amount of the tax goes to filling LP with that goal in mind, long term stability and growth. Nothing is wasted on gimmicky reflections or rewards. It is that understanding of crypto fundamentals and how to grow a project over months instead of days displayed by these devs that have me involved in this project to begin with. You don’t seem to understand either.

  5. Dev is doxxing at 100M mc, but he is KYCed to Hotbit and will be KYCed to Gate io since CINU is gonna list there. Also, if you are a serious project, you don’t renounce ownership!! What the heck?

  6. @Henry Emordi. Your comment at 5:05 pm indicates quite a bit that the purpose of your articles might be more than just to bridge the gap of knowledge for investors. Had that been linking to a business email, then it would probably show you being genuine, Secondly, you being as present as your are in the comments section and arguing with people clearly shows you have no confidence in your work. Thanks

    • You are desperate for a reason to get a stain on me (I recognise ad hominem, when I see one), if it pleases you to think what you think, to God be the glory.. I’ll be dammed if I don’t respond to some of you.

  7. Hey, Henry Here, this is perhaps my last comment on this. I can mention from the top of my head tokens that are genuinely community-driven (renounced ownership), that at a point (have gotten listed) will get listed on Top tier CEXs. Shibainu is one of them, Pitbull is another one, do your research. (There are however projects that have renounced ownership and have failed.) Cheems Inu has loads of problems.) I know its not easy to run a project without having control of the contract, but it is what it is. If Cheem Inu truly care about their investors, they will fix the many issues I have raised. And will not be bothered about FUD. Even Bitcoin experiences FUD. What is Cheems Inu to not have doubters? I come in peace, fix your shit.

  8. Please emordi there is nonneed to argue with these dudes.the choice is anyone’s to make.u drop ur message and face the next..OK today what happened to the so called pumpeth..

  9. I agree with you 100%, look at ASS coin, the contract is renounced for 69 years, they telling they can’t do anything, they cant burn, they suggested investors to send their tokens to the burn address so it can get the reflection.

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