Chiba Inu Token Review: Everything You need To Know!

Chiba Inu is a meme coin on the  Bep20 network that was launched two weeks ago. The project claims its utility, which it is yet to launch will come from its exchange and token locker (which is under development). The team has also announced plans to create a launchpad as part of improving Chiba Inu’s ecosystem.

The developers behind Chiba Inu claim to ‘hate’ rug ‘pulls’. The also said they are doxxed, and Canadians. However, this has not been verified, either on their website or its white paper.

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With a total supply of 10,000,000. This is a very small supply that will see the coin skyrocket in value in no time.  The most interesting thing about Chiba Inu is token sniffer’s assessment of the token. It is the first time I’m seeing a token with a 100% safe review. This suggest the team behind the token are not lying about the project.

You can that the ownership of Chiba Inu has been renounced. The creators have no access to pull a rug on this contract. The buy and sell fee is just 9%. The liquidity pool is secure for a year. There are so many positives around this project in terms of transparency of contract. 

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The market cap is $224,820 and the liquidity estimated to be $35,898. The token has about 1,200 holders. Shows the token is still a baby, there for the taken.

In conclusion, this token in my opinion, is safe and very new in the market. Although the dev team claims to be doxxed, they have not put up their profiles on their website and white paper. The only thing that will make this token not succeed is if Chiba Inu development team mess up its marketing. Also, if you decide to invest in this token, you must be ready to commit to the success of the token, that is shill the token to your friends and frenemies on social media and beyond.

Remember I’m not a financial adviser. This video is for educational purpose. Ensure you verify what you just saw and do your own research before you invest in any token.


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