Clifford Inu Review: Legit or Scam?

Yesterday, I was involved in some conversation that got me thinking. One Wallet Hamlet guy accused me of being a dime a dozen ‘guy’ and spreading FUD without reading any of my reviews. Here is what he said.

I thought about the above statement for some moments. And I remembered the Chinese man who lost all his money to the Squid game fraud, the other man who lost about $10k to scientia, and the millions of others who have lost money to Elonomics, Uplink, and countless other projects. And my question to him is, what is he doing about these things asides from worrying about FUD and his investment?

For the record, my reviews are not investment advice, I say it all the time. I don’t make anything up. I use what I see in front of me to write the review. If you are operating a legit project and you present yourself like a scam (making little or no effort with your website, etc) you bet I’m going to call you out. It is your responsibility to fix these issues. Now, the main topic of the day.

Clifford Inu just launched and the Chart is going crazy. What some investors don’t know is that Clifford Inu is some sort of “subtle” crypto adaptation of Clifford (the big red dog) film released by paramount pictures.

Clifford (the film) is in no way affiliated with Clifford Inu

This token is, however, currently one of the trending coins on CoinMarketCap and it is occupying the top gainers’ section too.

So, if you are like most investors looking for the next 1000x, and you found Clifford Inu, this review is for you. 

The objective of this review is to demystify tokens, especially new or relatively unknown altcoins. Make them simpler and easier for ‘new’ investors to understand and maybe expose many coins masquerading as legitimate investment options. But, Before we get into reviewing Clifford Inu, you and I need to agree on something very important.

“I’m not a banker or a financial expert, I don’t even consider myself a crypto “expert” (whatever that means). I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. Crypto investments, especially meme coin investments are high-risk, high-reward ventures. This review is just a guide using facts, consider it alternative entertainment.”

With that said, let get on with it…

Clifford Inu’s Website

Clifford Inu’s website is simple and short. The black and red theme makes it look sort of active. It is SSL secure, (which is always a good sign) and optimized for different viewports. Clifford Inu’s website description begins with this

‘Meet the Dog Token that never stops growing’

According to Clifford inu’s website, Clifford Inu ($CLIFF), is a highly deflationary token on the Ethereum Blockchain that never stops pumping through the use of true deflationary techniques and further income generation. Clifford Inu ($CLIFF) has a strong community at its core and is your ticket to wealth creation.

For those who do not understand the above paragraph. Here is a breakdown of the seemingly complex term, highly deflationary token. Highly deflationary tokens are radically and deliberately designed to reduce supply over time. The point is to prevent the market from being flooded with the token while making the value of the token better ( consistently moving in an upward trajectory) Clifford Inu’s contract is said to be designed this way.

The website further went ahead to explain the problem of volume cryptocurrencies face, which slows development. Which is seemingly sound, if you think about it.

Ever heard of Kodi Coin

Clifford Inu’s Use Case

The website explains Clifford Inu’s use case like this

“Clifford not only grows inwards but outwards as well. He will not only be growing through buying the $CLIFF supply but will do so by using a portion of the marketing funds to create his investment portfolio. Clifford will be investing in: – Blue chip NFT’s – Stablecoin staking – Big and medium cap altcoins – Yield farms – The occasional high-risk, high-reward play”

Let me break down the above for you. In simple terms, Clifford Inu will be functioning as a Trust, a venture capital that invests in crypto projects with high potentials. Whatever gains they’ll be making from those businesses will be used to buy back and improve Clifford Inu.

A how it works section followed immediately. 

Clifford Inu let investors know that through the transaction tax system, the fund is accrued and used to buy back and burn the token forever.


Clifford Inu’s buying and selling tax is different. Here’s a breakdown of the tax system according to the above illustration.

15% tax is levied on every buy of Clifford Inu. From the 15% tax, 10% is sent to the liquidity, 4% is sent to the marketing wallet, and 1% is sent to the devs. The selling tax is 20%, with 14% sent to liquidity,  5% for the marketing wallet, and 1% is sent to the developers.

You can see that Clifford inu tax is on the high side. And it sort of discourages selling and subsequently punishes sellers for selling.

Clifford Inu’s white paper

Clifford Inu’s white paper is a downloadable, 10 page PDF. It is no different from the website. It is simple, legible, and moderately designed.  It begins with a general overview. Which I believe you understand. A simple how it works page was introduced.

One feature of Clifford Inu, accord to the white paper is the Automatic burns at a set time frame. This burn feature has been hardcoded to improve $CLIFF through the contract taking a small percentage of liquidity from the pool and buying back tokens.

Another feature is the inter whale mechanism. Max wallets are not allowed to own 0.5% of the supply at launch and there is a 5% increase in fees to reduce any potential swing trading. We will verify this.

Clifford Inu claims the contract liquidity has been burnt, which ensures the liquidity cannot be stolen. Clifford Inu also claims the contract has been audited. It, however,  didn’t give any proof or make public the auditing firm that carried out the audit.

Market Cap and Liquidity Pool

According to, Clifford Inu’s current market is $15,795,408.23. For a token that is some days old, in a bear market, Cliff Inu’s current market cap is unbelievable. This means that early investors are putting serious money into the project. This is a plus for the token.

Again, according to, Clifford Inu’s liquidity pool is estimated to be worth $2,968,798.06 and locked in Uniswap.

The current holder’s count is 1612 and rising. I noticed the highest owner of the token has 0.99% of the token.

However, etherscan lets you know that the top 100 holders of the token, collectively own about 57% of the token. If you remove the contracts and burn addresses, that will fall to  37%. Make of that information what you want.

Developers behind Clifford Inu

Developers behind Clifford Inu are not doxed. This is a potential red flag. For investor confidence to grow in the product, there is a need to reduce uncertainty by giving investors a sense of knowing who is in charge. Many will argue that the most successful projects have undoxed developers, which is true. However, being doxed is a major plus in my opinion.

What supposed investors are saying about Clifford Inu

Investors in Clifford Inu are optimistic about the potentials of Clifford. Here are some of their comments on YouTube.

On Reddit

On telegram

It’s casual discussing about gem that is Clifford Inu. The mood is relaxed and optimistic.


The reason behind Clifford Inu makes sense if you are into meme coins. Their tokenomics seem well thought out, If you are not careful, you’d think it is another rebase token, which it isn’t. It has a reasonable use case backing it. Again, the 1 trillion supply is reasonable. I however think the name Clifford and symbol could become subject to a legal dispute if it becomes a big token in the future. This is because paramount pictures are the original owners of the property. Another grey area is the fact Clifford Inu claims to be audited and there seems to be no proof of audit. I tried to head to Clifford Inu’s telegram group through their website but it directed me to their Twitter page. That needs fixing.


If you enjoyed this review, kindly let me know what you think. You can also share this review with your crypto friends. You are encouraged to verify and further research this token. Here are other reviews I have done. Thank you.



  1. My only issue with you is a cheems inu holder and strongly believe in the project..but I noticed that after your review on cheems you went somewhat subtle on calling others with no real use case a pump n dump but literally called cheems a pump and dump blatantly and I can tell you today cheems inu has more vision, liquidity,use case,plans for the future than many of these…i think you should do a review of cheems inu again..and we are getting certik audit soon as well as we have been listed on two exchanges.i feel your review was simply unfair

  2. Sorry if I might have sounded somehow insultive..but more information and more updates have been done…am neither saying u should be biased but give ur review based on cheems inu recent informations now.thank you

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