Coin of nature Token: legit or Scam. Do your due diligence.

Coin of nature token has pumped  more than 1000%. Currently, it is  leading the trend as the  number one top gainer on As I always do, I decided to review this token based upon it’s position and the seeming FOMO surrounding it. This review is to help you decide whether the coin is worth it. And to uncover major scams, scammers  in the industry plot.

So, If you are about to buy Coin of nature token, but you are wary and unsure if it is legitimate or a scam token? or maybe you are just curious about it. You are in the right place. I have done all the investigations on your behalf. All you need do is to read through this article. I have made it simple and easy for you to understand.  Before I begin, here’s a an important thing you need to know.

First, I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision or indecision. This article is just a guide. I’m not here to promote or disparage any coin, hell, I don’t even know their creators. I consider my analysis to be objective and fair. If you are not satisfied with the things I say, you can always do your own research.

With that out of the way, let’s begin.

When I am investigating a new token, the below are the things I look out for.


White paper

Liquidity Pool

Market Capitalization

Developers behind the project

What people are saying about the

(If you are a frequent visitor of this website, you should know this already )

I will go on to explain the above points, as it relates to coin of nature in the coming paragraphs.

Before I do that. Let’s talk about the  little ‘history’ of the token, coin of nature. According to

“Coin of Nature (CON) is a community-based project that was launched at the beginning of July 2021. Due to the type of the project Due to the type of this project, the timeline is based on the number of holders rather than dates. The detailed roadmap can be found on the official website. The major aim of the project is not only to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle but also to develop a sustainable ecosystem based on innovative solutions. The project focuses on using the latest technologies and applying them in the Blockchain.”

My opinion of Coin of nature ‘history’

What I understand from the above history is that this  strangely named token  is  a memecoin, that’s is not based on an animal. It is rather based on the idea of promoting sport and healthy life style. It doesn’t have a real world use case.

This article saved our readers millions of dollars.


The coin nature website is pretty decent. It is unique. Easy to navigate. I must say that I am impressed by the website. The front end guy needs a pay upgrade. However, great websites do not turn illegitimate projects to legitimate ones. Many people get carried away by websites and invest big bucks to scam projects. Take for example the squid token. Do not be like them. Acknowledged the website but dig deeper.  


The descriptions on the website says a lot of things. But I’ll pick few things and talk about them.

“Coin of nature is a community driven token. Self staking, LP acquisition and burn” 

CoN AI – Coin of Nature focuses on user safety. To ensure the highest level of protection, advanced AI solutions are adopted.

CoN nature -Coin of Nature feels responsible for our planet. The platform supports nature protection organisations from all over the world. CoN  sports –

Coin mining takes place during sporting activities. Install sports tracker, play sports, earn and lead healthy life”

These sentences do not  make any iota of sense to me. This is my number one red flag. The developers seem to be trying too hard to explain what they are about. Their tactic is to throw big words (industry words) around and litter the place with simple yet complicated sentences in the hope of bamboozling unsuspecting people.  

‘Coin of nature feels responsible for our planet”? Are you kidding me?

WhitePaper / Documentation

The whitepaper of coin of nature token is embedded on the ‘doc’ section of the website.
In the intro of the white paper,  I found this totally amusing.

“Coin of Nature (CON) is a community-based project, therefore the price of the token/coin is largely dependent on community participation in the project development. In order to increase community involvement, the team have decided to build the roadmap on the basis of the number of the Coin of Nature currency holders rather than dates. More details can be found in the Roadmap tab. The major goal of the project is to develop solutions that are both sustainable and innovative. Furthermore, the solutions prepared by the CON project are designed to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle, since the Coin of Nature is the first currency based on the proof-of-sport consensus. In addition, the project employs AI and Machine Learning (ML) solutions. In order to raise funds for further development of the project, including crypto exchange listing, advertising, etc. the team has decided to keep 10% of the total supply. The tokens are stored on the address belonging to the team (Team address: 0x98b6c14b99df7daf87e31f56ae66a4c93ffdf931). It is the only wallet owned by the project team. Tokens held on this address will only be sold when necessary. However, the team guarantees that the sale of tokens would have the least possible negative impact of the price”

This intro, as well as the entire document did not bother to explain how AI, machine learning will help the project and what proof of sport is. The devs just throw words around to sound smart.  For example;

“The major goal of the project is to develop solutions that are both sustainable and innovative”

What problems are they trying to solve? They didn’t say. Yet, they want to develop solutions that are sustainable and innovative. 

The document is a collosal fuckery. They put the proverbial icing on the cake by begging for  your support. You can tell, even from the intro, that these folks are just there to make quick cash off people.

Moving on, the ”whitepaper’ said

“As the team members’ main source of income is the banking sector, details concerning the individuals cannot be disclosed. Ultimately, however, team members will work exclusively on the Coin of Nature project. Then, more information about the team will be revealed.”

After seemingly boasting about the ‘team’ that has all manner of ‘professionals’ and ‘experts’. They couldn’t provide any names, because they all work in the bank. This is a big red flag.

This devs said that they locked the liquidity and provided this link.

The link has been like  “Please Wait as data is being loaded from the blockchain” for the past two hours now. Another big red flag. If you clicked on that link, and it gave you the info it ought to give, let me know in the comment section.

Market Cap and Liquidity Pool

Coin of nature token  market cap seats at a relatively okay level of $40,900,733 as at the time of writing. For a token that was listed on coin market cap in July, 2021. This is a decent growth trajectory. I however, noticed the market cap is unstable, as it had reduced to $37,890, 400 in a minute.

The liquidity pool has a combined total of $122,790 as of the time of writing. With 83% of it apparently locked in a wallet with a contract. I however noticed the liquidity pool is unstable, as it  jumped from $122,790 to $117,351 in a matter of minutes. This indicates the creators are removing money and selling off from their liquidity pool. This is malpractice.

First check
Second check

A little Over  4,000  people are holding this token currently. I feel for these folks because, I’m not confident they’ll ever get their money back.

Developers of the token

The people behind this token are faceless and nameless. When a dev team is not doxxed, you have to be extremely careful with whatever they are offering. Them claiming to reveal themselves at a later date is a big lie. 

What people are saying about the coin

On twitter, the token isn’t that popular. It has about 6,500 followers. It has tweeted a total number of 589 tweets, since the handle was created in November 2014. This another red flag.

These are what investors are saying about the token on twitter.

On YouTube, There isn’t much on the token .

In conclusion, coin of nature  token devs might have bamboozled people, but not you my friend. This project is a scam, I can categorically tell you that. Don’t put your money in there.

As always, this is not a financial advice.

Kindly, if you have invested in any of this type of project comment, let’s learn from your experience. Also,  share this with your friends and family, so we can help people not fall victim to crypto scams.

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