Coinbase Ads got 20 million clicks in 1 Minute has revealed that Coinbase had 20 million clicks in 1 minutes after its ad on Super Bowl. The newsletter platform announced this through it’s twitter handle, on the 14th February.

Blockworknews tweeted,   “Coinbase website got 20M hits in 1 minute after its ad on super Bowl. The engagement was 6 times higher than their previous benchmark”.

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Reaction have trailed this news, with a Twitter user with the handle @thebenjumper saying,

“and everyone talking about it on Cult Twitter and how bad it was, in reality it was absolute genius marketing and it worked flawlessly. I don’t even mess with @coinbase, but that was legit.”

Another user with the handle @simplemente arguing that, “it crashed. They didn’t even prepare for that kind of traffic. If it was Bitfinex or any other exchange they would’ve prepared properly”

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