Elon Doge DOA ($EDAO) and/or Elon Doge (EDOGE): Scam or Legit? Doing your due diligence

Elon Doge (EDOA)  is doing a crazy pump on my favorite crypto market app, coin market cap also It pumped yesterday. Like I always do, I have decided to review this token. To help people decide whether the coin is worth the hype. And to uncover major scams, wicked folks in the industry plot.

If you are about to FOMO into (EDOA) or maybe you want to buy because one youtuber has told you it’s the next best thing since Doge or shiba inu. First, know this, the folks behind EDOA and the EDOGE and memepad (a seemingly, failed and controversial token) are one and the same. They are a hydra. A snake with 3 three heads, that might produce a fourth

You don’t believe me?

Let me go on to explain this scam to you

On coin market cap, EDOGE and EDOA are two different, inpendent tokens that use the same website and the same white paper and offer the same claim.

Here is the screenshot of what I’m talking about.

An independent, Elon Doge DAO ($EDAO), listed on coin market cap. Source: coinmarketcap.cap
The seemingly popular ElonDoge, listed 5 months ago on coin market cap. Source: coinmarket.com

If you look carefully at the above two screenshots. You’d realise they share the same websites. And It doesn’t end there.

The first page of their ‘ shared whitepaper’.

They do not only share the same website, they share the same white paper!

Shocking right?

Why should two independent tokens

use the same website, the same white paper? The same promise and claims. Why should seemingly independent tokens share the same things?

But where it matters most for them (MONEY). They share different accounts. 

Here is are what people are saying about what I personally consider ‘the older’ version EDOGE on twitter

Here’s the screenshot of the two token’s market cap, liquidity and holders of tokens.


You can see that EDAO’s market cap is around $ 5million. While it liquidity pool is a scam level $39k. The EDAO token has about 857 holders, as seen in the below screenshot.

Now, let’s look at the EDOGE’s


Edoge has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000. With a $15+million dollar market cap. It has about a figure north of million dollar in it’s pv2 BNB liquidity pool. The below is a screenshot of the number of people holding the EDOGE

Holders holding EDOGE

If you are thinking EDOGE might be legitimate, because of figures in the market cap, liquidity and the holders.

Here’s what people who invested in the token are saying about the coin.

The initial comment ‘praised’ the project as ‘legit’, 5 months ago. A month later, the token had dumped so hard, it is ridiculous. Here’s another comment from YouTube.

Folks are buying this dusted token again. With the mindset that they are going to make a killing from it.

I’m so upset, these thieves  take people for fools. This is not going to be like my normal reviews as people are still buying into this, maybe, not so obvious con. I want to this to be made public. Share this let it go viral.


  1. I have lost a lot of money buying new crypto and it turned out to be a scam, I was lucky to find your writing and learned a lot from you what I should do before buying new crypto.

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