Ex Goldman Sachs Chief: If you ‘missed out’ on BTC and ETH don’t miss out on these 4.

Raoul Pal, ex Goldman Sachs chief has stated that 4 altcoins are mimicking the growth chart history  the two most dominant cryptocurrencies in the market, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He made this known in an interview, conducted on Anthony Pompliano’s YouTube Channel. Raoul mentioned 4 the Cryptocurrencies with the fastest network growing usage that is mirroing Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The investor claimed that Solana’s (SOL)  current use rate is perfectly following that of Ethereum in 2017.

According to him “Ethereum is exactly following, and I mean exactly following Bitcoin in 2017 in both price and price structure Bitcoin is following Bitcoin 2013, which is fascinating, in price structure but not price itself.

I bet you Solana is following Ethereum in 2017 If anybody was in the market at that time, Ethereum was the rocket ship that took everybody by surprise, and guess what… it’s [an] exact chart fit.

Solana is exactly following Ethereum, Ethereum is exactly following Bitcoin… it’s like the magic is all in this network adoption 

The former coldman Sach executive, consequently added  the 3 smart contract crypto assets that he predicts to gain more network usage and further increase in value.

“The other [three] that are in that fast-growth, fast-adoption phase where you see exponential price rises more than anything else are obviously Terra, probably Avalanche, and probably Polkadot And I think they will all do well in this cycle. And like Ethereum, they’ll all go down a lot later. And then from that, we’ll see how it builds out.” He added.   

Raoul went to give reasons why he liked the smart contract platform he had mentioned. In his words

“It’s bizarrely consistent. I never thought this would be the case, because you see all the people online, it’s like, ‘My project, my project.’ But when you net balance it all out and just apply adoption effects and [ask] do these things look similar?They’re almost identical. It’s amazing.”


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