FlokiMooni Token Review: 100X Gem or Another Scam?

Flokimooni was launched late last year, to be specific, 3/4 months ago. Now, for either marketing or whatever reason Flokimooni token has been trending on coingecko.com. While I was going through the coin, I discovered that some investors think it’s a scam.

These accusations have motivated me to run a Flokimooni token review. If you are about to invest in this token, maybe you are just curious about the token and want to know whether Flokimooni is a good investment. Stick with me to find out.

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Before I begin, you need to know that,  I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. Kindly consider this review alternative entertainment. Without further ado. Let us begin the review.

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So? What is Flokimooni.

Flokimooni seeks to create a defi ecosystem with the most trendy features in the crypto space. This project claims it is birthed by fans & members of the Shiba Inu community. Flokimooni is named after Elon Musk’s very own Shiba Inu.

FlokiMooni Token’s Website

FlokiMooni’s website is what has now come to be a typical meme coin website. I admit it is well constructed. However, it looks like countless other meme coin websites. This sort of gives off an unoriginal vibe. The description begins with What is FlokiMooni. We have covered this. 

Going forward, we find out that flokimooni is anchored on three flagship utility projects. These 3 projects are Mooniworld, moonipad, mooninarket.

MooniWorld will be a metaverse based, NFT Play to Earn game that seeks to positively change things in the play-to-earn industry.

Moonipad is a platform that helps developers of tokens and crypto ideas kickstart their projects. Moonipad will be very beneficial to the flokimooni community because the community will be privy to and be able to buy top legit projects and tokens in their early stages.

Moonimarket will be an NFT platform and marketplace, where the buying and selling of NFT are made possible.

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Flokimooni had an initial total supply of 10 trillion. However, 50% of the initial supply was sent to a dead address upon launch.

Through Flokimooni’s white paper, we are led to believe Investors are taxed a moderate 10% upon every transaction (that is, upon every buy and sell). This is how the tax is distributed and used. 6% goes to Flokimooni’s development. Holders of Flokimooni token are entitled to 3% reflection, which is paid in dogecoin. For those who do not know, a reflection token rewards loyal holders of the token by giving a certain part of the tax to the holders. While 1% goes to Flokimooni’s liquidity, which ensures smooth transactions in the flokimooni ecosystem.

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FlokiMooni On Token Sniffer

Through the help of Token Sniffer, we find out that FlokiMooni’s contract is 60% safe.  This is (a little above) an average score. In tokensniffer exact words, the audit score of 60% is a measure of how well the token contract and characteristics meet the criteria for safety. Again, we were made to understand that the buy and sell tax is 10%. But tokensniffer says the token has an 11% sell tax. This means that the sell tax was increased for whatever reason. This is possible because the developers are in absolute control of the contract. Because the contract is not renounced, the developers can easily manipulate the contract for good or evil. Aside from these concerns, the token is in good condition. The liquidity is locked for 36,454 days and is adequate. There are no whales in the Flokimooni ecosystem.

Developers Behind FlokiMooni

FlokiMooni does not have a doxxed dev team. This, to me, will always be a red flag. Although, the developers of this token have shown considerable commitment to the project.


In conclusion, Flokimooni is a token that has a $6,810,504 market cap with 25,651 holders, at the time of writing this review. Interfi Network audited and passed the project. The contract is unique to it. This shows a good level of commitment.  I think the FlokiMooni is legit. I also think they are not doing enough with their marketing as not enough people know about this token. Marketing is key for a project to prosper in the crypto space. Again, the Flokimooni community seems passive. Another factor that progresses a meme token like Flokimooni is its community. If you must invest this token, take shilling it seriously. If they get their marketing right, and the community gets their shilling game on, that market cap will blow up.  

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