Gogeta Inu review: Legit or Scam? Do your due diligence

Gogeta Inu token  is another token that is flying under the radar. One of the reason why this is so, is because of it newness in the market. This is a token that was launched on hotbit, on the 29th of October 2021, less than 2 weeks ago, as of the time of writing. This token has gone on to do a 119.8%. You can tell that it is looking very promising. 

This review is to find out whether this token is another SQUID or SHIB.

If you are new to this website or my writing, I start my reviews by listing out the things I check, as regards the token I’m reviewing. These things are usually,

The Website

The White paper

The Liquidity pool

The Market Cap

The Developers of the token

What people are saying about the token on the various websites.

Before I proceed to the review proper, you need to know a little the token. According to coinmarketcap’s description of Gogeta Inu.

“Gogeta Inu has one mission in mind, and that is to protect the Blockchain and to put an end to any villains that dare cause harm to the human race! With the newly acquired form, Gogeta’s ultimate ability targets the Ethereum Blockchain. Help the Saiyan Warrior continue to reach his ultimate potential by purchasing and holding $Gogeta, to help him battle his enemies in the Cryptoverse! The Gogeta Inu team is a project piloted by doxed Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts. They understand the market and social dynamics of digital assets backed by the meme culture. They have released their own decentralized exchange that will only list anime tokens. Prior to listing the tokens, they will be thoroughly vetted by the team to create a safe haven for investors and project owners. Animeverse: Snake Way is an endless runner blockchain play to earn game that is currently in development and based off of the anime world.”

My opinion.

The eye popping thing about the above, is the seeming fact that they have released their own DEX, that will only list anime token. This is beautiful, this token grabs attention with this feature. Let’s go on to do the review proper.

Gogega Inu’s website

Everything about Gogeta inu’s website screams anime, from top to bottom. If you are into anime, I bet you will love it. But if you don’t fancy anime, you’d probably see the website as crap. Personally, I belong to the latter group. In my opinion, the website looks too ‘anime-ish’. The Gogeta inu’s website is SSL secure. This gives you a level of confidence, that it is not run by Nigerian princes and princesses.

At the top right corner of the website, you’d see a link to Gogeta Inu’s DEX platform, which is named Ginyu Swap’

This confirms coinmarketcap.com’s initial claim about the token. This is positive, as not many  tokens have utility from the get go. Seeing that the developers have already built something as big as a DEX gives an unusual level of confidence.

The description on the website begins with an anime styled story telling. This is it

“From the results of their training, Saiyan Prince Vegeta and the Saiyan raised on Earth, Goku, have once again shattered their own limitations and surpassing that of a God! They have reached Super Saiyan Inu and fused together, resulting in their new combined form, Gogeta Inu.”

If you aren’t into anime, you’d probably feel lost. Do not worry, it’s just anime, ‘anime-ing’. One of the most assuring things about Gogeta Inu, is the confirmed liquidity lock, which the token gives you a direct link to.

Scrolling down the Gogega inu’s website. You’d get to the ‘About Gogeta Inu’ section. Which is pretty much what marketcap.com has said about the project.

There’s an embedded YouTube video of Amiverse, a play to earn game, under Gogeta Inu, that is under development.


Gogeta Inu’s total supply is 100 trillion. For context, 100,000,000,000,000. They however burned 50% of it.

Gogeta is built on the ethereum blockchain, therefore you should be on the look out for it pricey gas
fee. Upon every transaction (buying and selling ) involving Gogeta Inu , one is taxed 8%.

Road map.

Achievement on the road map, makes you realise Gogeta Inu is still in it early days.

Gogeta Inu’s White Paper

Initially, I didn’t see the white paper on the menu slide. I thought it didn’t have a white paper. Fortunately, I looked closely and saw it was embedded in the ‘middle’ of the website.

Like the website, Gogeta Inu continue it anime theme in its whitepaper. The whitepaper must have taken the creator a lot time. It was however too big for my phone screen, as I had to annoyingly  scroll to make sense of the whole thing. The white paper is not optimized for mobile.

Basically, Gogeta Inu was inspired by popular Anime, Dragon Ball Z. It was also built by fans of the Anime. The creators saw an opportunity to combine anime and cryptocurrency and seized it.

The Whitepaper went on to talk about the “story”, which I unfortunately care little about.

I think the two big things about this token is the game, Animeverse: Snake Way and Ginyuswap.

They gave a good explanation on the game play, which I found interesting, talked a little about the Ginyuswap, their DEX. Watch out for Ginyuswap, they seem to care about the legitimacy of the tokens on Ginyuswap DEX.

Liquidity Pool and Market Cap

Gogeta inu’s Liquidity Pool is locked and secured in Unicrypt. The liquidity pool is worth Over $600,000. The total amount locked in the Univ2 is $541,159. The liquidity pool is locked for 5month. So, the likely of getting scammed has been reduced to barest minimum.

According to coinmarketcap.com, Gogeta Inu has an unverified market cap of $3,163,607. For a new token, this is great numbers. This is indicative that people are buying and trading with this token, this figure is likely to become bigger, as the token gains more popularity.

Gogeta inu has  1,473 holders, as at the time of writing.

Here is dextool’s evaluation of the token. 

Developer behind the token

The developers have been doxxed. This means that the identity of the developers is known, however, their identity remains a private thing.  Until they pull a scam with their token, only then can their identities be revealed. I believe the reason team is not putting themselves out there is to protect their privacy as individuals. This arrangement is a giant green flag.

What people are saying about the token

On twitter, Gogeta inu has 2,886 followers. It has twitted a total number of 204 tweets.  You can see that this token is absolutely new and many people do not know about them yet.  Here’s a screenshot of their twitter page.

Their comment section is sort of dry though, but this is reasonable because they are a new token in the market.

On telegram, they have 1333 members in their group as at the time of writing. 309 of them were online.  People are allowed to express themselves in the group, but comments were few and far between.

On youtube, the excited ones seem really excited. While a few complained, two weeks ago, that it was a rug pull.


Gogeta Inu looks like a legit project. It however needs a very good marketing effort for it to properly moon. I also think it is too niched for it’s own good. It will perhaps go on to become very popular among anime and crypto lovers. The developers are doxxed. The liquidity is locked. And it has a good number of holders. 

If you enjoyed this review, make sure you comment and share it. Thanks for reading, it is an honour to have you read my reviews. You can check the other reviews I have done here.

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