Goku Inu Review : Legit or Scam?

Goku Inu is one of those anime-themed tokens that hasn’t made it to the top of coinmarketcap’s gainer’s list. Therefore, not many people know about this token. I’m writing this review in anticipation of Goku Inu exploding soon.

If you are new to knowledgegapexpert.com or my style pattern of reviews. I check coins/tokens with clarity, in a tone every day people understand. My objective is not to promote or disparage any token. But to assist investors to differentiate between the safe and the unsafe ones. Many people have fallen into crypto scams, that have made them lose everything. I try to help people prevent that with my reviews.

I usually start my reviews by listing out the things I checked, as regards the token I’m reviewing. These things are usually,

The Website

The White paper

The Liquidity pool

The Market Cap

The Developers of the token

What people are saying about the token on the various websites.

But before I do that, let me give you a short background of Goku Inu. According to coinmarketcap.com

Goku intends to build an exceptional NFT platform. He wants his followers to buy, sell and trade NFTs. As his cryptocurrency establishes itself, he is taking advantage of the opportunity and releasing different NFTs that are available on a limited basis. These NFTs are sold in limited numbers through Opensea or Rarible. A part of the proceeds will be donated to charity organizations, so the money can be used for a good cause. Furthermore, Goku intends to create a safe place to live out the passion of Mangas & Anime. Another special feature is the development of a web-based game, where rare NFTs can be won by using Goku tokens.

Personal Opinion

With what has been said on coinmarketcap, Goku inu is an anime and manga-inspired token that has its focus on NFTs. A web-based game is under development,  this web-based game is also NFT centric. This is interesting if you ask me. Let’s get into the review properly.


Goku Inu’s website is professional, unique, and simple. For a manga and anime token, it has the maturity to accommodate anime fans and those who do not care about anime. I like the orange and black theme of the website. It is also SSL secure, which makes you a little confident.

The description begins like many anime tokens with an allusion to “Dragon Ball”.

Scrolling down the, “about Goki Inu” and “Why Goki Inu” sections of the website, the purpose of Goki Inu was made clear. One thing I like about Goku Inu’s website is the simple use of the English language. Many crypto websites,  prefer to deliberately make it hard and  confuse investors with what I call ‘crypto-speak’, Goku Inu is different.  According to the website 

“Goku Inu is the latest Anime & Inu based Token released on the ERC20 Network. Its purpose is to overperform all other existing cryptocurrencies. Goku Inu wants to give the community a platform where everyone can decide about the future of the token. It is completely community-driven and can only grow with the help of the holders”.

Goki Inu is a reflection and deflationary token. What does this mean? Reflection simply means it rewards holders of the token a fixed percent upon every transaction on the Goki Inu ecosystem. Deflationary simply means Goki Inu has been programmed to be more valuable as years go by.

Goku Inu charges 10% taxes for each transaction (buy and sell). It is through these taxes they reward holders with 2%. The liquidity pool gets 3%, while 5% goes to marketing.

Goki Inu has a total supply of 100 quadrillion. However, 72% of that total supply has been burnt. This is a good thing. It means the current circulating supply is 28 quadrillion. This gives Goki Inu more value. Goki Inu claims its liquidity pool is burnt. We will have to find out.

White Paper

Goki Inu’s white paper is an 8 paged pdf that contains some of the best anime arts in anime token sphere. The abstract begins with a story I find funny.  You can tell a funny block cooked that up. A proper introduction followed the abstract.

“Goku’s adventure began on 08/1 8/2021 . As a pioneer in anime meme tokens, he set out to become deflationary, a long with other mechanisms to help achieve his goal.To stand out from other projects, he has burned 70% of his supply. His goal is to become Crypto Saiyan!”

You can tell these folks are honest with their submissions. They aren’t shy to let the world know when Goku inu was establish unlike others, you have to dig through multiple searches on google.

“Goku intends to bui ld an exceptional NFT platform. He wants his fol lowers to buy, sell and trade NFTs. As his cryptocurrency establishes itself, he is taking advantage of the opportunity and rel easing different NFTs that are available on a limited basis. These NFTs are sold in limited numbers through Opensea or Rarible. A part of the proceeds will be donated to charity organizations, so the money can be used for a good cause.”

When you see a reasonable and objective project, you will know. This token is not making outlandish claims, like this token and so many useless tokens out there. Their objective is clear.

Market Capitalization and Liquidity Pool

According to Dextoo.io, Goki Inu’s market cap sits at an okay $33, 481, 430. For a token with it potentials, I believe it should have a bigger market cap than this. It is true, the liquidity pool wallet has been sent to a dead address, making it in accessible to even the creators. Making their claim very valid.

According to Uniswap, the liquidity pool is valued at $ 1 million +. With this, you can see the level of commitment in this project. The token is safe for investment. No one is going to steal your money. 

Developers of the token

The developers of the token are anonymous. They however have renounced and transferred ownership of the project to the community. This is fantastic. If you ask me, there’s no need for doxxing any more. So this section of the review is a win.

What investors are saying about Goku Inu

On twitter, you can tell that Goku’s growth is organic. They have about 6k plus followers. Unlike some shitcoins that just got launched some days ago that have 18k followers on twitter. Anyway, here are what ‘twitter’ investors think of the token.

On YouTube, investors are bullish. You can tell the token is going places. It doesn’t have any hype about it. It will steadily grow and eventually people will notice.

On telegram, Goku Inu has the most welcoming group. I have never been engaged on a telegram group before. I felt really welcomed. I wish I took a screenshot to you guys but I didn’t. It very easy to like community Goku is building. At 4k holders (as at the time of writing,), you are in early.


Goku Inu is an almost perfect token. I hope there are plans to make it multi chain, so the barrier to investing is significantly reduced. The only down thing about it is the ethereum gas fee, and maybe it marketing effort. Otherwise, this token will go places next year. I’m so sure of it. Please, this is not an investment advice. Crypto is a risky form of investment. Invest responsibly.

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  1. This Review was amazing! I am so grateful as a community member of Goku Inu Telegram for your review! It was help many many people who may have doubts. Your efforts will not go unnoticed!

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