Green Chart Token Review: What is Green Chart? Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Green Chart token is one of the newest token pulling up numbers. The token is barely 3 weeks old but it has rewarded the very early investors with 1000+ gains.

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It is for this reason I have decided to review the Green Chart token. So, if you are planning is to invest in Green Chart token, curious, or maybe you are already an investor. This review was written with you in mind. I have done the checks, on your behalf. All you need do is to find a quiet place to read through this review.

Before I begin, I’ll like to let you know that,

“I’m not a banker or financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. This review is for educational purposes, consider it a form of entertainment. I did not write this review to promote or disparage Green Charts Token. I consider the analysis to be fair. Do your research whether or not  you are satisfied with the things I say.”

What is GreenChart Token?

Green Chart is a hyper deflationary, staking token with a very unique tokenomics behind it. Green Chart token is a Bep20 token (built on the binance smart chain).

Hyper deflationary token rewards dedicated investors by increasing the value of their holdings, protecting them from supply changes. As investors increase demand for these tokens, supply can scale downwards, increasing token value.

The below is how coinmarketcap, describes the Green Chart token.

“Only one thing sells in the BSC, that’s a green chart. We have introduced the most daring tokenomics ever seen. We take 15% of all sells, and re-buy our token, and then burn the tokens! Our token is designed to remove any extra sell pressure and add extra buying pressure. Causing a vicious cycle of buying pressure! We are one of the few BSC projects with staking, with reflection rewards for only staked tokens, this allows for massive APY % rewards + tokens that cant be sold. Increasing the value immensely!

If read and didn’t understand the about quote. Here’s a simple breakdown of what it means.

The quote begins by emphasizing the reason behind token buys on the binance smart chain. That is, people want to (see green chart, not red charts) make gain that’s why they buy tokens. The Dev team thought about it and introduced a tokenomics that makes sure the chart always looks green. By using the 15% of all sell fees to buy back and burn. Buyback and burn is a deflationary mechanism that makes sure there is sustained buying pressure. As people are selling, the contract automatically uses the fees charged on sellers to buy back the token.

Let’s begin the review now!

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Green Charts Token Website

Our first point of call (review) is Green Charts Token’s website. The first thing I noticed about the Green Chart Token website is the fact that it is not optimized for mobile devices. The white space makes the website look amateurish and unprofessional. In my opinion, Green Chart Token’s website is unappealing to the eyes. It looks like a website that was hurriedly put together.

Observe the useless whitespace. This doesn’t present Green chart properly.

Green Chart Token’s website has an SSL certificate, which is always a good thing to see. In my opinion, Green Chart Token website’s design is basic, too basic. It looks clustered and one sides as fuck.

The website description begins with the Green Chart Vision.  The website let us know that Green chart is one of the few BSC projects with staking and reflection rewards for only staked tokens. This allows for massive APY % rewards + tokens that cant be sold. Increasing the value immensely. This is another part of the simple yet very thoughtful tokenomics of Green Charts Token.

The website proceeded to talk about Green Chart’s global vision. According to the website

“The goal at Green Chart is to create a global asset that anyone can buy, with no crypto experience, yet all the crypto benefits! We will first develop our own mobile wallet application with a fiat buy button, allowing anyone from anywhere to own Green Chart with ease! We will then launch a massive multimedia marketing campaign to markets outside the crypto space with our app. This will result in massive exposure, making Green Chart a household name.”

The values of the token come next. We find out that Green Chart token (claims to) value Honesty and Transparency. Because of that, it has a doxxed dev team. We will be examining this team in the latter part of this review. Here’s how the website puts it.

“Honesty & Transparency: We know crypto can feel like the wild west and mysterious. We don’t think it should be this way. Both team leaders and developers are fully doxed! We have put our faces on this project from day 1, on our own. We will continue to do live AMAs with questions from you, the community! Bring on the FUD!”


Green Chart token has a total supply of 100,000,000,000 $GREEN. That’s a reasonable total supply. With 20 burnt and another 5 locked (vested) on pinksale for marketing and developers. The circulating supply is 75 million. From the supply, you can tell that coin is deliberately designed to hold value over time.

Here is how the buy tax is broken down.

The buy tax is 7%. This is a reasonable buy tax. The 7% is sent to the marketing address. This means that whenever an investor decides to buy Green Chart Token, a 7% tax is deducted from his initial investment. This tax is sent to the marketing wallet which helps the Greem Moon Chart devs create more awareness for the token if all things are equal. The selling tax is 17%. This selling tax is high and discourages selling. This is how the 17% tax is distributed.  4% is sent to the buyback and burn wallet. 7% is sent to the marketing wallet. 6% is used to reward those who staked the token.

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From the tokenomics, we discover Green Charts Token encourages buy and frowns against selling.

Green Chart’s White Paper

Green Chart token’s white paper is a webpage that lives on the domain Unlike most white papers that are downloadable pdfs. The white paper begins with an introduction that is titled, An Idea. The reasons and ideas Green Chart were thoroughly discussed. The next page (Catgirl’s mission and vision) was discussed. The reason sort of makes sense when you think about it.

The white paper claims that Green Chart has undergone an audit with Techrate. There’s a link to techrate’s GitHub. That enables you to download the report and access it. However, Green Chart has not been listed on Techrate’s website.

The rest of Green Chart’s white paper is something we have touched or we will touch.

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Market Cap and Liquidity Pool

According to, Green Charts token’s market cap is $12,126,799, at the time of writing. This market cap shows the token is rising fast. Given that we are in a bear market. The market cap also suggests the token is receiving a lot of investment and attention from early investors. The market cap is still relatively very low.

Liquidity Pool

Again, according to, Green Charts liquidity pool is estimated to be worth $475,242. 99% of this liquidity pool is locked on pinksale. This liquidity pool is small in my opinion. The market cap to liquidity ratio is low.

The token claims to have allocated 20% to the burn address is not true. As we can see below. Only 14% is allocated to the burn wallet.

There are about 6,558 Holders of the token. About 3 or 4 investors own a 12% supply of Green Chart token. This announces the presence in the Green Chart ecosystem. Which in my opinion is not a positive sign.

Developers Behind Green Chart Token

Like we mentioned earlier, the developers behind Green Chart are doxxed. They are in regular contact with investors through their AMA sessions on YouTube. The Lead administrator is Brady.

Brad. He leads the AMA’s.

There’s a general lack of information because, he goes by what looks like a first name.

The same applies to Alex. The team is however based in the united states, where I believe laws work. If they steal peoples money by running a rug pull, they will knowingly be risking  jail time.

What Investors are saying about Green Chart Token.

On YouTube, there’s a sense of optimism and excitement around the project.


Green Chart token in my opinion is a 70% opportunity and 30% risk, in my opinion. The Dev team is doxxed, they are responsive and taking marketing seriously. They are assembling a community of believers. I believe the token will become more popular in the coming months. I however think the website is fucked up. The website started by announcing a 15% buyback and burn strategy, however, the tokenomics says it’s a 4% buyback and burn. There’s inconsistency in that regard and I find that to be misleading. Also the liquidity pool has to be improved. A certik audit will do the token a world of good too. The dev team should show more transparency by connecting the liquidity pool to PinkSale liquidity locker. And let the world know the time frame of the lock.

How to buy Green Chart Token

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