Guzzler Coin Review: Legit or Scam?

Guzzler coin is one of the most searched coins on the internet, right now. If data from google trends is correct.

Yet, many investors still don’t know about this token. The truth is, Guzzler, like Clifford Inu, was launched on the Inuyasha launchpad. And many crypto experts, especially those from the united states are tipping Guzzler coin to go parabolic in 2022.

If you are an investor looking for the next 1000x, and you found Guzzler coin, you need to pay close attention to this review.

The goal of this review is to demystify new or relatively unknown altcoins like Guzzler coin. I try to make it simpler for ‘new’ investors to understand and maybe expose it if I find out it is tilting toward the scam scale. Before we get into reviewing Guzzler coin, you and I need to agree on something very important.

“I’m not a banker or a financial expert, I don’t even consider myself a crypto “expert” (whatever that means). I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. Crypto investments, especially meme coin investments are high-risk, high-reward ventures. This review is just a guide using facts, consider it alternative entertainment.”

With that said, let get on with it.

Guzzler Coin’s Website

Guzzler coin’s website is professionally built. It is SSL secure and fully optimized for different viewports. The design is simple and efficient. It is not the most beautiful website in the crypto space, it is also not the ugliest website. It is stuck somewhere in the middle. The description begins with a  simple yet direct introduction.


Now, let’s break down the above introduction.

Guzzler is the official creator of personalized and usable NFTs in the metaverse. Guzzler coin has been listed on LBank. A centralized exchange platform.

In ‘the game section’ of guzzler coin’s website carried,  a more detailed explanation of Guzzler.

Here we are made to understand that Guzzler is an NFT centric car racing, game. Guzzler enables players to buy some rare wheels. Install them. Re-mint nfts. Create the most unique car in the metaverse. And when players get tired of their wheels? They can take them off and sell them. Players can sell their car creations. Stake their tokens to earn performance part nfts. Stake lots of tokens and open up a garage and sell performance parts nfts.

In my opinion, it is a game that seeks to connect NFTs and the metaverse using cars. Guzzler is niched towards car fans and those who love to design cars.  

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Guzzler Coin’s WhitePaper

Guzzler coin’s white paper is a downloadable 8-page pdf file. The white paper is well designed too. The whitepaper was written in the first-person narrative. Which is a strange way to write a white paper.  The description begins with “who we are” because we have done that explanation already. We will move to talk about the opportunity. The creator of Guzzler coin saw an opportunity to create useful and personalizable NFTs to operate across open-worlds,  saving participants or players time and energy in the metaverse. The difficult term in the explanation is OpenWorld. An open world is a type of game, where players could (if they wanted to) travel from one side of the world to the other without a single loading screen. Think of grand theft auto.

The creator of the Guzzler continued by saying that Guzzler will begin with being a scalable token and an MVP game in the form of a drag race. On the website, players will be able to mint a car of their choice, and then in the game players will be able to customize their vehicle using the nfts they have selected. By doing this they will be able to create unique car NFTs that are both unique only to them and useful within the game. Then to add fun… They’ll be able to race against their friends and enemies. The developer promises to make the game more expansive and more functional as time progresses.


Guzzler is an ethereum token, with the goals being safe and scalable. Guzzler token has a total supply of 100 Billion tokens, for context 100,000,000,000. There’s a 7% tax on each transaction. Here is how the compulsory 7% tax is distributed (used). 3% from the 7% from tax is used for marketing. Which provides the cash that enables the dev team to promote the token to potential investors.

3% is sent to the liquidity pool. While 3% is added to the liquidity pool. This makes buyers and sellers of Inuyasha conduct transactions seamlessly.

1% is used as reflection. For those who do not understand what reflection is. Reflection is simply a reward mechanism to encourage holders of any token to keep holding. This means that, as transactions are being carried out in the Inuyasha ecosystem, holders share 2% of every transaction, making them earn passively while holding the token.

In my opinion, this is a well-thought-out tokenomics. The token doesn’t have an outrageous total supply, like some thoughtless project. The token has a use case and is deflationary.

Rewards and Play to Earn

Investors will be able to stake Guzzler’s ($GZLR) token. And their rewards will be having access to exclusive nfts that will never be available to the public. This category of nft will also be available to people that try to complete the game in single-player mode.

Market Cap and Liquidity Pool

According to, Guzzler coin’s market cap is currently $14,368,600.8. For a token that just got launched some months ago, the token is doing okay. It shows the token has already attracted some investors.

According to Guzzler Coin’s Liquidity is currently valued at $2,596,627.16. 81% of the liquidity pool is locked in team finance, till 08/23/2024. This suggests the dev team is in the project long term.

There are about 3407 holders of the token. I believe this figure will increase as the token gains popularity and market share.

Developers behind Guzzler Coin

The founder and C.E.O of Guzzler Coin are doxxed. His name is Joey Poareo. I looked him up on Linkedln and Instagram and the profiles appear legit. However, there are no pictures on his Linkedln account. His Instagram profile looks very personal. 

Joey Poareo

The fact He lives in the United States is a big boost. Because, if anything goes wrong, he can easily be made to pay for it.
Other members of the team are not doxxed.

What investors are saying about Guzzler Coin

Investors are bullish about Guzzler and Inuyasha. Here are some of their comments on YouTube.

On Twitter, there’s a general sense of optimism around the token.


Guzzler coin is a new game token in the metaverse.  I believe it is a legitimate token and the project is serious.  It however still too niche down to people that like car gaming and design. The token getting mass adopted could be a challenge.

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