How A Chicago Photographer moved from having  $10 to $110,000 with NFTs

Britanny Pierre, a photographer based in Chicago disclosed to CNBC Make It, how she moved from being a broke, struggling photographer with just $10 last year,  to an NFT creator with more than $100,000 in her bank account now.

Speaking about her struggles, “It was really hard to do $50 photoshoots and try to sell 25 euro prints. I had some bookings here and there, but it wasn’t sustained,”

She first learned about NFT from a friend, Elise Swopes, who had initially sold an NFT for $15,000 in March 2021.

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Being new and broke in the NFT space is not a good way to start. She acknowledges getting assistance from friends with her initial gas fee payments. 

She tells CNBC“Those first few sales of about $230 were a lot for me. That’s exactly what I needed to pay the rent.”

Speaking of her art, she had this to say.

“It’s mostly black women and men that I try to uplift with my art. If you search ‘beautiful person’ on Google, you usually see white people. So I wanted to put black people on the blockchain so we can solidify that. I want to highlight the black experience.”

She now helps other women enter the NFT space by paying for their gas fees. To her, crypto and NFts are tools for empowerment. In her final words, “I definitely think that not only NFTs, but crypto in general, can help marginalized people, especially the black community.”

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