How To Find Crypto Coin on Presale

Making gains in cryptocurrency is about timing. While some types of investors invest in billion market cap projects. Others prefer to invest in small market cap projects, in the hope of getting a token that will change their lives. One such small-cap projects are crypto presales. In this article, you will be learning about the various ways that you can find these presales, and what to do to find them.

Now, this article is not about how to research presale tokens. It is strictly about How to see crypto presales that are on offer. So this is not financial advice.  However, I have used these methods to discover great projects before they launched, which has subsequently made me insane profits, multiple times.

So, to the big question, how to find lucrative pre-sales tokens?  Before we get to that, you need to understand the differences between a Presale, an ICO, and ILO, an IDO, and what a whitelist means. Many investors cannot tell the difference. They assume everything is a presale, which is incorrect.  Now, if you know what this means. You can skip this part.

What is a White list?

Whitelist is a contextual term. It generally means to be allowed to receive something or be part of something. In the context of cryptocurrency, whitelists are connected to ICO events. Cryptocurrency developers may provide a whitelisting phase for investors that are willing to participate in the public sale of their coins. This means that any investor that is willing to participate in the ICO would need to provide their personal information before being whitelisted.

What is a Presale

A Crypto Presale event is a form of fundraising, where crypto or token developers provide and offer their tokens to investors that have an interest in the project, while the token is under development. It is called a pre-sale because presales occur before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). It is also why pre-sale tokens are made available at much lower prices. This is to say that presale is the first sale of a token or coin.

What is an Initial Coin Offering

An ICO or better yet, Initial Coin Offering can also be called a Token Sale. ICO  is a type of fundraising where in exchange for money which can come as  (Bitcoin, Ethereum, usdt, fiat money, etc) investors receive tokens (coins). Projects or developers that launch ICOs usually promise investors that the tokens being offered will have value and can be used after the ICO.

What is an Initial Dex Offering

An initial DEX offering or IDO can be described as a decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding event. If a project is launching an IDO, it means the project is launching a coin or token via a decentralized liquidity exchange.

What is an Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), new coins are offered to investors who agree to contribute to the liquidity pool of a project. Their contribution to the liquidity pool ensures that the token is attractive to new buyers and that the DEX can function.

In the ILO process, investors or rather liquidity contributors receive new coins in exchange for liquidity which they contribute to the pool.

How to Search for Crypto Coin on Presale

There are various ways of looking for tokens on presale. But I’ll first categorize them into three ways. The first way, which many people do is through a manual search.  The second way is through using a launchpad, while the last way is through presale aggregators.  These ways will be broken down in the coming paragraphs. 

Manual Crypto Coin Presale  Search

Let’s talk about the manual crypto pre-sale search first. In manual presale search, investors join groups on websites like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to be exposed to coins on presale. We will briefly talk about Reddit and Facebook before moving on to the second part.

Coin Presale on Reddit

If you are looking for a presale and you are not on Reddit, you are wrong. I’ve used Reddit to find different coins and different presales. And you can as well. There are hundreds of subreddits that give members updates on presale coins. Some of this subreddit are crypto moonshots, BSc moonshots, etc. On these subreddits, posts are published every couple of hours. They may be voted on and commented on.

What you should do is look at the ticker symbols. Get the names and research the token. There a many posts and ticker symbols for you to look into. Other ones like BSCMoonshots, and Satoshi streetBets operate similarly. These subreddits have many members. For example, crypto moon shot has over a million members. Remember to always do your research, and not just follow the upvotes. I say this because most of these upvotes have been bought.  A few times, you will find honest comments. Most of the time, the comments are deliberately doctored to deceive. But again, you are not sure which comment is honest and which isn’t.

This is to say that there are hundreds of rogues that are on many of these subreddits, intending to deceive by spamming upvotes and comments. So, maybe is not the best place to find genuine presale tokens.  And it is not for beginners.

Coin Presale on Facebook

Facebook is another social platform you can use to scout presale tokens. How do you do this?  You just go out and join a ton of, crypto or altcoin investing groups on Facebook. How do you join? The first thing to do is go on Facebook and just type in groups such as cryptocurrency, investing, crypto, moonshots, or something along those lines, on the search bar. And you will find many of these groups.

The next thing is to join them and you will start seeing presale announcements come up on their pages. Facebook is where I usually find the most honest opinions in the comment section. This could perhaps be because people on Facebook use their accounts. Using Facebook will help you get a good idea of what people are thinking about a project. You can ask questions and you will get some serious answers back. That’s one of the positives of using Facebook. The negative thing about using Facebook to find presale coins is that you have to go through a lot of spammy and negative posts.  Another fact is that the people posting the presale cannot be trusted. 

Using LauchPad for Presale search

The second way I find lucrative pre-sales is using a launchpad website like Unicrypt. Now, If you don’t know what unicrypt is. Here’s a brief introduction. Unicrypt is a website for launching new crypto coins. These coins are known as ILOs, ICOs, or IDOs. Cryptocurrency developers go through the platform to lock the liquidity of their projects, and also, they use the platform to conduct their presales. They do all these intending to reach a particularly soft or hard market cap. Once their token reaches its target, It will go straight to pancakeswap.  Therefore UNICRYPT provides a way for you to get into tokens before it reaches pancakeswap if you think they are going to take off. To find and invest in these tokens, there’s a two-hour window by being a unique crypt token holder. That is, for you to use Unicrypt, you will need to purchase some unicrypt tokens. You need to do that to be part of any of the presales on the platform.

Dive into Unicrypt and do your research. Another important thing you should know is that you can find many of these pre-sales when the liquidity is going to be locked and when you can get into that. I’ve used Unicrypt a few times to get in earlier and it has worked for me, after some thorough research of course.

Now, to the positive aspect of using Unicrypt. Some of the positives of using Unicrypt is that tokens you find there, usually lock their Liquidity Pool. Another advantage is that there’s more organized and there is a likely hood that projects that use Unicrypt have more investors, therefore more backers, and are likely to succeed. On the negative, Unicrypt is a pay-to-play platform, so if you do not have money to buy the Unicrypt token, then you can not participate in presales on the platform.

Using BSC pad for Presale Search

You could use BSC pad to find these presales. If you do not know, BSC pad is kind of like unicrypt, but it is called BSC Pad. On BSC pad, the projects that are (currently) open. If you open BSC pad, you’d see projects that are currently closed. You’d see the caps on all of them, what they’re rated at, how quickly it hit that hard cap and so much more, you can look into them that way. So basically, the BSC pad is a launchpad system where you have to buy or stake their token to participate in these presales.

So, for instance, a diamond gives you 3 hours before the allocation round opens for you to get into some of these pre-sales. Make sure to do your research and check out this BSC pad. Some of the positives of using the BSC pad is that the research has been done for you, by that should not stop you from doing your research. And remember that a project doesn’t necessarily translate to a successful project. The negative aspect of the BSC pad is that it is pay-to-play.

Using Presale Aggregator

The last method is about using presale aggregators like and  The below paragraphs will explain these platforms. 

Use to find Presales

Crypto comprises a team of crypto researchers and investors trying to solve the issue faced by most of the investors in the space today. According to them,  the crypto space is filled with opportunities,  available via multiple platforms and communication channels.  So, they found it very difficult to manage all the projects and events happening in the space. As investors they want to spend quality time on research rather than hopping around, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, telegram, discord, launchpad platforms, trying to figure out whitelist timings, whitelist requirements, IDO/IEO timings, etc. Therefore, the platform cryptobuddy. Info is their attempt to solve the issue. Cryptobuddy is all in one crypto events and information aggregator with customized dashboards and notifications.

Use  to find Presales works like it’s an aggregator that updates or gives investors information about upcoming crypto ICO in the marketplace.
The platform is constantly updated with three useful lists: Active ICOs, Upcoming ICOs and Ended ICOs.

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