How to get Airdrops and Free Crypto

In this article, you are going to learn how  to get free cryptocurrencies or airdrops. You also will learn where to find these free cryptocurrencies through airdrops. And how you can stay safe. But before we get into that, we first have to understand the concept of airdrops.

So, What are airdrops?

Airdrops in simple terms are  event organised by a crypto project and their developers to give free cryptocurrencies. These projects do this to promote their cryptocurrency or to drive the adoption of their protocol.

Launching airdrop event or contest are the easiest way to promote a cryptocurrency, especially when there’s a lot of competition. Most of the time, crypto project want people to see their coin. They want people or potential investors to get a taste of what their projects or cryptocurrency can do.

And naturally, when people see their airdrop price shooting up, they’re going to want more. So, basically, airdrop is a marketing tool that is, used to lure investment, to make a project popular or to drive the usage of a crypto protocol.  That’s basically how cryptocurrency airdrops work. 

Things to do before Looking for Airdrops

Before you get into claiming airdrops or free crypto currency, there are somethings you must do.

The first thing you need to do is to separate your identity. This means that you have to create accounts just for airdrops. You can  kick start this by creating a crypto wallet. You do not have to buy Ledger or Trezor. There are free wallets out there that you could use to hold your crypto.

A thing you don’t want to do not want to connect your main cryptocurrency to any of these airdrops websites. The truth is that, a lot of these project offering aidrops are shady, some are full blown scams. So, It really helps to keep your ‘airdrop’ wallet separate from your real wallets. 

For your airdrop wallet, I recommend two wallets to get.  So you’re going to need a trust wallet because that has a Binance Smart Chain address that you’ll need for certain Projects. You’re also going to need a mobi wallet because it’s going to give you the globe eco chain address that you can use for other airdrops. So, get these two wallets, and secure them safely.

The second thing you’ll need to do is to create  a twitter account, which strictly will be dedicated to airdrops hunting. It is not recommended to use your usual one. Rather,  use a burner.

The third thing to do is to set up a telegram account. Telegram works with your phone number. You don’t have to use your real telegram for airdrop hunt. You can create another telegram account using a google voice number.  Or if you have two phones, dedicate one to telegram airdrop sake.

Where to find these  Airdrops.

There are four semi legitimate places that  you can use to find airdrops. These places are coinmarketcap, snapshot, Reddit, Twitter, airdrop alert, etc. Let’s start with the most legitimate one.

Find Airdrops On

All you have to do is to visit or type “coinmarketcap airdrop on any search engine like Google. And it will take you to coinmarket’s cap airdrop page.

coinmarket’s cap airdrop page will  show you all the upcoming and ongoing airdrops. Each of these airdrops would have very specific requirements for you.
Some of these airdrop might include owning certain tokens and holding it on a particular platform, within a period of time.

Find Airdrops On Reddit

On Reddit, there are subreddits that mainly talk about crypto airdrops. These subreddits do a lot of different posts on upcoming Airdrops. Although, I think a ton of post on their platform seem  very spammy. So, you have to be careful with airdrops you see on Reddit. As a matter of fact, using Reddit is not the best way to get good airdrops. 

Find Airdrops On Twitter and Youtube

You can use twitter to look for airdrop opportunities.  All you have to do is to create a Twitter profile, if you do not have one. After that is done, just go on the twitter search bar and type airdrops.  You’ll see the latest post and new airdrop opportunities. If you try this now, you’ll notice there are a couple of airdrop events going on, right now. Again, if you log on to YouTube, there are some channels dedicated to announcing new airdrops. All you need do Is to use the YouTube search bar. Type crypto airdrop and many of these channels will appear. 

Airdrops On Airdrop Alert

Airdrop alert is a website that list airdrops for folks like you and I to participate in.
They mostly list a lot of smaller projects.

Their listing begins by telling you everything you need to know about the project. They’ll let you know what time the airdrop event ends. Airdrop alert will also guide you by telling you the task you need to do to qualify or participate in the contest.  Most of the time you will have to  join their telegram channels. And also follow the project listed there and retweet something medium, etc.

Look for new platforms like Uniswap

The fifth way is by using a platform like Uniswap. If you were an early user in Uniswap, you were eligible for their airdrop, which was one of the most lucrative airdrops around.

The idea is to look for new platforms or projects  that are looking for users that are
Beta testers. Airdrops have been happening for a very long time. Back in 2013, when Ripple XRP was just starting. All you had to do then, to qualify for the airdrop was to provide them an Xrp address. And they would give you free ripple. It was a very lucrative airdrop to sign up for. Another good example is Uniswap.  Uniswap gave out 400 UNISWAP tokens, each to early users of their platform free. If calculate how much that is worth now, you’ll understand it the importance of legit project airdrops.

So, the message is simple. Be open to trying out or becoming an early user of any project. Because, the it really pays off to try out a lot of different platforms and you might get lucky and it could pay.

How to Claim an Airdrops

Now, you know what airdrops are, you know how to look for and participate in air drops. The next reasonable thing to know is how to claim an airdrop.

We claim airdrops  by first qualifying to claim the airdrop. That is, anything or task that has been required of us to do we must have done them.

Most of the time, claiming an airdrop requires you connect the airdrop website to your metamask wallet. Remember to use your burner wallet. Make sure you are not using your real wallet for that.

If you do not have a metamask account,  you’d have to:

Install the Metamask Chrome extension. After that is done.

Hit new account. This is going to give you a seed phrase that you have to save and then you’ll be able to have an Ethereum wallet that you can use to Claim the airdrop.
Note that the wallet depends on the the nature of blockchain the airdrop is on. Once that is done.

Click on Connect.

Unlock the wallet. Here, you will have to assign the Metamask signature. There is usually  a signature request.

All you have to do is click sign. This means that you are telling Metamask that you trust the website, you are connecting to.

After that is done, you connect your  wallet to the service. As you can imagine, this is
very risky if you use it on a questionable platform.

Once signed in. You can then hit claim airdrop reward. If you are eligible for the airdrop this will work. Else,  it means you are not eligible.

How to Cash out an Airdrop

So a lot of these airdrops are tokens that are still in early development. So it might be very difficult for them to be on an exchange. A lot of them might be on some type of swapping platform like Uniswap, and you could trade your tokens there. But just remember, you would be responsible for the Ethereum fee, which can be very high and you might not want to pay that fee. It might not even be worth it to make that change. If it’s on another platform that has lower fees, go for it.

A lot of these coins don’t do very well in the long run. You might want to consider selling off 50% immediately and letting the other 50% ride. Whatever ratio works well for you.

Sometimes the coin can do very well, sometimes not. Most of the time, if you look at the names of these projects and what they do, they kind of just use a lot of buzzwords that repeat popular products. 

And some of them are just exact clones of existing products. So they might not be very valuable in the Future.  But no one can’t tell for sure. So with that, good luck. I hope you got your full value today at that link button. It helps me out. And until next time.

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