How To send crypto from Binance to your Metamask Wallet

I remember the first time I tried sending a cryptocurrency from my Binance app to my metamask wallet. It looked like I was trying to do the impossible. I had so much doubt about my capacity to pull it off, but I eventually did. And you know what? That transaction failed. I lost the money. I couldn’t believe it.

“I sent bnb from binance to my metamask wallet. The balance doesn’t show in my metamask but the transaction was successfully completed. Please any help?”

That was the exact question I kept asking my ‘experienced’ crypto friends, who laughed at me. Luckily, I used the test transaction principle, so I only lost one dollar.  If you are a total newbie, test transaction simply demands the sender send only $1 worth of his asset. To confirm whether or not the address he is sending the asset to is the right one, or whether the transaction will be successful. You are advised to do this always. 

Now, however, I’m a pro in the matter of sending crypto from one wallet to the another, whether,  decentralized, centralized, or a combination of both, like Binance and Metamask

If you are still reading this article it means you have no frigging idea how to send crypto from Binance to metamask. I promise, after reading this article, that will become a thing of the past.

How to send crypto from Binance to Metamask Wallet

In this article or tutorial, we will be transferring from Binance to Metamask using BNB. 

  • The first thing to do is to go over this URL (

So you can see here I’ve got some BNB in my Binance exchange and I want to send that to my Metamask wallet.

Insert image

  • Scroll down to where it says Mainnet, (this is the one you’re probably looking for.  Copy the RPC, URL)
  • Go to Metamask wallet, click Ethereum mainnet and go down to custom RPC. When you click on the custom RPC, a small form will appear. Use the information you got from the above paragraphs to fill it.   If the sentence is not clear, the below is how to do it.
  • Type in Smart Chain. After that is done,  paste in the URL you copied from here.

After pasting the link, type in ’56 BnB’

  • Lastly, type in this URL (

Now, it is important to know that,  if at any point you click off metamask, (that is, click out of metamask) it will automatically refresh. You then will have to start from the beginning again. So, you only get to copy that URL in advance. An

And type the last one in. Otherwise, it refreshes and starts all over again. So do the above with that in mind, once that is all set up, I click Save.

What this action does is that it adds BSC, that is, the Binance Smart Chain Network to your Metamask wallet.

Go to Your Binance Account

After the above is established, the next thing you do is to log in to your Binance exchange account.

  • Navigate to the withdraw page.

Because you want to withdraw to a metamask, you will need to get the metamask BNB address, you just created.

  • Therefore, move to metamask and copy the BSC address there.
  • Go back to your binance account and paste it.  The network has already been selected for us BSC, Binance Smart Chain.
  • Decide how much you want to withdraw. Remember, I told you about test transactions earlier.

Before you send a ‘significant’ amount of money, always do a test transaction. If you do not do this, you could lose the whole money you want to transfer, rather than you losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars or pounds in BNB by sending it somewhere else.

After deciding on how much you want to send to your metamask wallet,  Go ahead and click on the withdraw button.

This action will loads up something like this.

Insert image

It reads this  ”BSC selected as a transfer network a few platforms apart. The BSC Network please confirm that the receiving platform supports this network”

  • Click on confirm.

Then it will go on to say
“withdraw the amount I’m being charged, which is a small number of BNB (this depends on how much you are sending) and how much I’m receiving the address, the network, etc.”

If you are okay with everything, by everything, I mean the charges and all the information presented in front of you, Click Continue.

After clicking continue, a security page will load up, where you will have to type in a verification code, that you get either through a text, an email, or both.

After that is done, another page loads, which will display the below statement. 

“Your withdrawal request has been submitted.”

Now,  click complete. This will refresh the page. After the page is refreshed, scroll down. when you scroll down, you will see the details of your recent withdrawals. 

Click on the arrow. That action will load up another page. Scroll down this new page, you can see the estimated withdrawal is just going to take a minute.

This is because it’s on the BNB or the BSC Smart Chain, the Binance Smart Chain Network is fast.

Lastly, go to your metamask wallet and check. When you check, you’d see that the money your cryptocurrency from binance has arrived in your Meamask wallet. If you use the test transaction principle, you can then follow up by sending the large volume through this process. 

If you used this careful method, you wouldn’t have a problem with sending BNB to your metamask wallet.