How to Unban Your Banned Whatsapp Account in 4 hours.

On this website, I usually write about crypto-related content. But today, I’ll be writing about How you can unban your WhatsApp number. Just so you know,  you need to read this article to the end. Why? Because the information you’ll get here will definitely help you.

WhatsApp has been on a banning spree since Facebook took over the company. Just recently, I was a victim of this ban. But I was able to unban my WhatsApp through the strategies you are going to be learning on this website.

I’ve helped a lot of people unban their WhatsApp, and if you trust me, I can help you too. One of the people I helped recently is a guy from the United States. He got my contact from YouTube where he sent me messages seeking help to Unban his WhatsApp.  I helped him and he was very grateful.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Why You were Ban by WhatsApp

I’d begin this article by briefly explaining why you were banned. For some people, it is purely accidental. BOTs can move mad and red flag an account. While for some, they breached WhatsApp rules and regulations. If you operate an adult group, that is a group where the group members share pornography content and what’s not. You will likely be flagged and banned.

Also, if you are one of those who randomly add numbers you collected illegally and add to unsolicited, you will be reported and banned.  If you bulk SMS or message numbers that are total strangers, seeking whatever favor. You will be reported and subsequently banned.

Now, let’s get into why you clicked the link.

How To Unban Your WhatsApp

When your number has been banned, the first thing you see is a message from WhatsApp, informing you that your number has been banned. This is how the message is read.

“Your phone number 908717289292 is banned from using WhatsApp contact support for help you”

  • When you see the above message, the next thing to do is to screenshot it. After taking screenshots you click on the support link.
  • When you click on the support link. Some options will pop up.
  • Click on the last option, which reads, contact WhatsApp.

This will automatically take you to a form/ page. On this form,  you are mandated to write a brief petition, asking WhatsApp to unban your WhatsApp account. This petition must include the number you want WhatsApp to unban. If you do not know how to write a petition. Here’s a sample.

“Hello Whatsapp, my name is ___. My WhatsApp number, +2341672828 (this is a fake number), just got banned. I have no idea why. Kindly unban it please.”

  • After typing or constructing your petition. Insert the screenshot to the form/page and press the next button, at the top left corner.

That action will take you to your Gmail account. With all the details of your message and your phone specifications.

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  • Click on the send icon.

After sending the email. You’d get an email that reads like this. Thanks for your message. We understand that you are currently unable to use WhatsApp, blah blah.

After you receive this email. Expect to receive a follow-up email from WhatsApp. The waiting time can be between 4 hours to 24 hours.

While waiting for the email from WhatsApp. There are important things you need to do. If you do not do them, your account will most likely be banned again.

The reason you were banned is because  WhatsApp’s BoTs flagged something on your account. As we talked about earlier, things like pornography are not allowed on WhatsApp. Or when your account has constantly been reported for violating WhatsApp rules. For your account not to be flagged and banned again. You need to clear your WhatsApp cache and storage.

For that to happen, you need to go to your phone settings. Depending on your type of device. Go to your app and notification. Click on it.

Look for WhatsApp, click on it. After that, you’d see two options, namely, Clear cache and clear storage.

Click on both of them. That is clear for both of them. When you perform that action. Everything will be deleted from your WhatsApp. Chat History, pictures, etc. But, because WhatsApp has an automatic backup feature, you’d recover what you lost. So, you need not bother about that one.

After clearing the cache and Storage. Uninstall your WhatsApp account and wait for the email from WhatsApp, which should arrive in 24 hours or less.

When the email eventually arrives. Read it carefully, part of the content is a link that takes you directly to play store. Where you can download a new WhatsApp account.  


If this perhaps didn’t work for you. It means your account has been blacklisted. Things that can cause that to happen could range from sharing pornographic content or bulk SMSing WhatsApp contacts.

If you are in this category, forget about that account. There’s nothing anybody can do for you. Thanks for reading.