Kishu Inu Token Review: Legit or Scam? Do your Due Diligence

This token is getting more and more popular. In a crypto Facebook group I joined recently, some people are tipping it to be the next best meme token to go parabolic like Shiba Inu. Like I always do, I have decided to review it.

Are you to ready? Let’s GO!

A little about the Kishu Inu, according to coinmarketcap.

“KISHU INU was created in April 2021 with the goal of being a decentralized meme project with true purpose. KISHU’s mission is to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream. Unlike older, comparable projects, KISHU introduces holders to next-gen concepts such as participation rewards, NFTs, decentralized exchanges, and more. Within the first month of its launch, KISHU made history by surpassing a $2 billion market cap and over 100,000 holders. This was an unprecedented milestone for a project of its kind, and proved the world’s belief in the project.”

Personal opinion

I found the $2billion claim weird. has the token on a little above $520 million (unverified). One thing I know is that the token is becoming more popular by the day.

Let’s get down to the review proper.

When I am investigating a new token, the below are the things I look out for.

The Website

The White paper

The Liquidity pool

The Market Cap

The Developers of the token

What people are saying about the token on the various websites.

Kishu Inu’s Website

Kishu Inu’s website is beautiful. It is easy on the eyes.  There aren’t many better crypto websites, out there. Japanese-themed tokens have their website game on lock.   Seeing meme token websites like  Mononoke Inu, Shiryo Inu and now Kishu, look the way they do, is pleasant. The creativity behind them is just, wowing.

The description on the website first starts by telling what Kishu Inu is. It explains in simple English that Kishu Inu is a “community-powered”, “fully decentralized” token.  This is how it is, exactly on the website.

KISHU is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, vibrant community. Our enthusiast volunteers welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build KISHU into the best community in crypto.”

Kishu Inu went on to promise an instant reward for every transaction in the Kishu Inu ecosystem. This means that Kishu Inu uses a reflection mechanism in their tokenomics.

Kishu Inu also introduced Tenshi, a sister token.

White Paper

The white paper starts with a long disclaimer, basically telling potential investors about the risk of investing in crypto assets.

The white paper starts properly with the abstract. Which simply is a repetition of what was said on the website. The unique thing that was added in the abstract, is the project that has been lined up to give the otherwise meme coin utility

Kishi Inu went on to explain the Kishu community values. Which are transparency and community, trust, and Longevity.

Further into the white paper, Kishu Inu explains it tokenomics as

“The max supply is 100 quadrillion and one of its key functionalities is its decentralized usage rewards mechanism. For every active user transaction, a 2% $KISHU reward is granted to holders’ decentralized wallets only, fostering a healthy distributed network and community usage. The more $KISHU is actively used, the more rewards are granted! The $KISHU Token Smart Contract successfully passed a top-grade security audit to further the community’s confidence, in full transparency”

Truly, confirms it is audited. This is a green flag. It has even been listed on Centralized Exchanges, which is remarkable and sort of confirms the legitimacy of the Kishu inu project.

You can get the white paper here

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Liquidity Pool and Market Cap

The liquidity pool of Kishu Inu sits at a growing  $8,579,693 as at the time of writing. With 100% locked in Uniswap. For a coin that just launched 6 months ago, these numbers are impressive.  The chances creators of Kishu Inu will steal your investment has been reduced to the barest minimum. Here’s a screenshot of the figure, as provided by etherscan. To me, one of the most unique things about this project is contract verification. It gives you another level of confidence in Kishu Inu. Not many community-based tokens offer such.

According to, Kishu Inu’s current market cap is about $520,536,639  and growing. This market is impressive. It proves the token has already been accepted in the crypto space.

The token has about 243,591 holders. This is super healthy, as it indicates the community is already. I only identified one address that you can technically call a whale holding about 4% of Kishu Inu, which is currently valued at $21 million.

Developers behind Kishu Inu token

Unsurprisingly, developers of Kishu Inu have chosen to be anonymous. This is not a shock to me because many of these meme coins devs for reasons best known to them just like being anonymous. I hate to say it, but this is a red flag. If you follow my writing, you’d know I love a project with a face or two faces. But, we can argue that the developers behind Shiba Inu are also faceless.

What people are saying about Kishu inu.

On Twitter, Kushi inu has about 263k followers. This number gives you confidence in the token. The handle has tweeted 1435 times, suggesting it is active on Twitter.

Many followers are very excited about the token. They believe in the project.

On telegram, they have 64k+ people in the group. Investors are upbeat and are excited about the token. The telegram community was encouraging each other to go vote in a contest.


Kishu Inu is growing at a fast rate. The team gives you honest energy, from the website to the whitepaper. You can tell they aren’t trying to confuse you with nonsense. They have a good plan and an achievable objective, whether they’ll stick with it, is anybody’s guess. If you are willing to risk it and invest, make sure you confirm the time frame of the liquidity lock. One thing I’m sure of is that many people will invest in this project as they are realizing the potentials of meme coins with strong communities. What I however don’t like about the token is the fact the developers are not doxxed. For me, It’s the biggest red flag among the red flags I highlighted. However, this token is seemingly legitimate.

Please note that this is not a financial advice. Kishu inu like many crypto asset, is highly volatile. If you  enjoyed reading this article. Kindly share your opinion and comment. 


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