Kodi Token Review : Legit or Scam

It was a very fine Saturday evening, Arsenal had just gazumped Leicester City. I was basking in the euphoria of victory, when all of a sudden, I heard my phone beep. I checked. It was an email, a comment from Milul, my loyal reader (the only one I know about). She had asked that I reviewed Kodi coin. What the fuck is kodi? I had said to myself. But here I am, starting a review of kodicoin.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Today, I’d be talking about Kodicoin.

Yeah, I get it. Not many people know this token. So, like I always do. Here’s a little introduction from coinmarketcap.

“Kodi provides its users with the first ever crypto based Entertainment Network. Parallel to this, Kodi is operating a one stop shop Advertisement/Marketing Agency known as ‘PITCH’, which will function as a subsidiary company. Both entities will encompass a use case that will directly benefit $KODI holders. This whitepaper provides a detailed description of the use case, tokenomics, team, the future plans of PITCH and its utility token ($KODI)”

Personal opinion:

Many tokens out there brag about being the first to be this and that. But genuinely, this is the first time, I’m seeing an entertainment centric crypto token. This interests me, a lot.

Could this be the next Shiba Inu?

Before we go into the review proper.You just have to know that, I’m not a banker or financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. This review is just for educational purpose, consider it a form of entertainment. I’m not here to promote or disparage any coin. I consider my analysis to be objective. If you are not satisfied with the things I say, no problem, I welcome your criticism. You are encouraged to always  do your own research, whether you agree with me or not.

When I am looking at a new token, to confirm their actual nature, the below are the things I look out for.


White paper

Market Capitalization

Liquidity Pool

Developers behind the Kodi project

What people are saying about the Kodi Token

(If you are a frequent visitor of this website, you should know this already. I want to stop writing in this bracket, however, 80% of my readership are new people. I know my frequent readers are tired of seeing this)


Kodi’s website, in my opinion, is a representation of what the coin is about- Entertainment, show.  The website is professionally designed and well planned. I like it because it is original, you can tell the developers understand, what the token is about. It is SSL secure, which makes visitors trust it more.

Scrolling down the website you’d “meet and greet the tokenomics”

The breakdown is 3% is allocated to marketing.  Another 3% is sent to the distribution of BNB rewards. 2% is for buyback, another 2% is allocated towards salaries while 1% is added to the liquidity pool. This sums the total tax upon any buy and sells of Kodi to 11%. You however need to know that, you need to hold a minimum quantity of the Kodi token to qualify for the BNB reward and the pitch airdrop. Here’s a screenshot of the sentence.

The rest of the website went on to explain the different features of Kodi. Let move on to the whitepaper.

White Paper

Unlike many others out there, Kodi’s whitepaper is not a pdf that is available for download. It is rather a separate page on its website. The whitepaper begins with a clear statement of what Kodi is. According to the whitepaper,

Kodi provides its users with the first ever crypto based Entertainment Network. Parallel to this, Kodi is operating a one stop shop Advertisement/Marketing Agency known as ‘PITCH’, which will function as a subsidiary company

This is unlike most crypto projects. There are two things that I like about this token. The first is the entertainment factor. Let’s face it, Bitcoin is boring, ethereum is boring the whole of crypto is a massive mountain of boredom. Having an entertainment-based token is a breath of fresh air. The second thing is the fact that the creators of this project established a subsidiary that will work in tandem with the token, it is just mind-blowing. 

Another thing, I found pleasing is the seeming honesty of Kodi’s developers. They admitted to ‘failing’ at a previous crypto project, Kodiak. In their own words

Upon launching our previous token (Kodiak), we ran into technical difficulties with our contract. Put simply, the multi-sig wallet used for the marketing funds malfunctioned with the contract, creating a backup in the BNB rewards distribution. Although the issue was resolved within 24 hours, the momentum needed to sustain buying pressure was axed” 

The white paper introduced Entertainment Network. Which is an online radio, that covers crypto and non-crypto related subjects. It is streamed on Discord, Twitch, and Youtube. While the platform is open to all, their exclusive services will only be available to $KODI holders (ie. Participating in games & prizes will require you to be a holder of a set amount of $KODI tokens).

This is smart, this will encourage investors to invest in Kodi coin.

The white paper is also introduced pitch, which is described as “the one-stop-shop that provides all the marketing needs for a crypto project”. Pitch solves one of the critical problems in the industry. The problem of getting the good projects in front of investors.

The last thing in the white paper I want to talk about is the Kodi Roar. It is a unique system in the smart contract that encourages buying and discourages selling. This is how it works, in the Kodi team’s words.

Kodi Roar is a special feature wherein one hour will have the buy tax reduced to 1% and sell tax increased to 25%. Kodi Roar will be implemented periodically at random times*. After the hour is completed, the sell tax will decrease 7% every hour until it reaches the baseline sell tax of 12%.”

You can see that the developers behind this token are thinkers. The token is just different. I honestly have no bad words to say about their white paper.

The Uplink Rebase Scam, Busted!

Market Cap and Liquidity Pool

According to Poocoin.app, Kodi has a $40,775,295 market cap. This is respectable for a token that got launched in September. Kodi also has a $1,656,674 locked in Unicrypt as its liquidity pool for one year. This removes doubt in the mind of investors. As chances of a rug pull have been reduced to the barest minimum.

There are over 20,402 holders of Kodi. With the highest investor holding about 1.729% of the token. This is extremely healthy. It indicates that Kodi is not under the control of whales, that easily manipulate the prices.

Developers behind Kodi

Developers of Kodi claim to be doxxed.  This is how they talk about it in the white paper.

The team has purchased a top-tier audit with BREWLABS. Five of our core members will be fully doxxing to this company to ensure the security of the project. This will deter dishonest practices by the team; otherwise, the doxxed information will be released to the public.”

This gives you another level of confidence in the token. Although,  I don’t think  BREWLABS has antecedence or pedigree in the industry. It is however important to note that they haven’t done doxxing yet.  The smart contract has been audited by Certik, this gives you a sense of security. Here’s a  confirmation link

What investors are saying about Kodi

There’s a general sense of optimism around Kodi. Which I found fantastic because I share in that optimism. I’m not shilling this coin, however, I like the look of Kodi. There aren’t many better projects out there. Here’s what people are saying about the coin on Twitter. 

It is the same thing on YouTube.

On discus.com, I saw this interesting conversation 


This coin is massively undervalued. I have no doubt whatsoever that it will become a billion dollars investment, in the coming years, If the developers keep being hard-working and innovative. This is not a financial advice and I’m not asking you to buy Kodi. I’m just being honest with you about how I see Kodi token.

If you enjoyed this review, kindly let me know how you feel about it.  Leave a comment before you go. If you can, share it.

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