Mark Cuban: Doge Coin is not a great Investment

The owner of the Dallas Maverick and billionaire business man, Mark Cuban has stated that Doge Coin is not a good investment. He made  this known during an interview with FOX Business, where he further expressed his opinion on how not all digital assets are the same and sharing his views on how cryptocurrencies is shaping the future.

When asked about what he thought about Doge in the interview he said;

“I have $1500 worth of Doge because I bought a little bit more for fun. I have never told anybody that dog is a great investment.

He continued by adding that,

“I often say that doge is a great way to understand how Crypto currencies work, and how to invest in the market.

The billionaire further added that he  sees doge as a better  investment than buying a lottery ticket.

“It is only a better investment than a lottery ticket, if you are trying to hit a home run”.

He went ahead to explain how he sees Bitcoin as a better alternative to Gold.

“Bitcoin is a great alternative store of value, I think it’s a better alternative than gold, but not all crypto is the same. You put Bitcoin in the category of stored value, then you move to things like Ethereum.”

“Ethereum is really a significant network, and because of their smart contracts and their security and their ability to have distributed management, I think you’re going to see a lot of unique business applications occur,” Cuban went on to say.

Mark Cuban invested in the  Titan token that crashed some time in June 2021. The Self-made billionaire tweeted that he “got hit like everyone else.” during that period.