Mars Space X Token Review: Legit or Scam

We are apparently in the Mars Space X season. I first saw Mars Space X on CoinMarketCap’s gainer’s list, six say ago. It didn’t occupy the top spot, I thought it was one of those tokens that will silently disappear into the dark thick wall of meme coin obscurity, after some days. I was wrong. It’s been on the trend list for a while now. And I know it must have attracted the interest of several investors. That’s why I have decided to do a review of Mars Space X.

If you are considering investing in Mars Space X, because you always see it on gainer’s list, or maybe you are already an investor. This review is for you. I have checked everything (well, almost everything) on your behalf. All you need to do is read through this piece of writing. 

Before I start, you need to know that

I’m not a banker or financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. This article is just for educational purposes, consider it a form of entertainment. I’m not here to promote or disparage any coin. I consider my analysis to be objective and fair. If you are not satisfied with the things I say, no problem. You are encouraged to always do your research, whether you agree with me or not.”

With that said, let’s get started

Here’s a little intro to Mars Space X, according to

Mars Space X is a deflationary cryptocurrency, but also modern high-end finance. It was born to provide stable and continuous capital output to the Mars Project. At the same time, participants will also receive high dividend rewards. Musk said: I hope to use the benefits of Mars Space X to ensure the smooth login plan”

Personal opinion.

Here we go again, another absolute shitcoin inspired by Elon Musk’s project (Space X), pretending to be something useful. Let properly get into the review.  

When I am looking at a new token, to confirm their actual nature, the below are the things I look out for.


White paper

Market Capitalization

Liquidity Pool

Developers behind Mars Space X

What investors are saying about Mars Space X

(If you are a frequent visitor of this website, you should know this. I want to stop writing this, however, 80% of my readership are new people)

I will go on to explain these points, in the following paragraphs.

We called Squid token a fraud before anyone else


The only good thing I can say about Mars Space X’s website is the SSL certificate, which is standard procedure. The rest of the website is a pile of garbage. Mars Space X’s website looks like it was contracted to a professional butcher, who hurriedly had to learn web development. The website is not dynamic, it doesn’t fit to mobile screens. The menu works like a tractor. It’s a horrible, terrible website to see. It sort of tells the type of project Mars Space X is, smash and grab.

The description begins with what has been said on  CoinMarketCap.

Because Musk aims to send millions of people to Mars. And this plan requires huge funds to maintain it. The first step to solve the multi-planet problem is to reduce the cost of rocket launch and space transportation to achieve the colonization of Mars.”

Mars Space X then proceeded to explain the reason behind its existence.

For the life of me, where is the connection between this meme token with reducing the cost of rocket launch and transportation for space travel? The developers behind Mars Space X are dishonest. They went on to pull out two other nonsense, I do not care to go into, from their asses. Red flags.


Mars Space X did not bother to produce a white paper. Red flag. The target of these criminals must be absolute newbies who do not know what they are doing. There are no tokenomics, no explanation on how investing in the Mars Space X project will benefit anyone. 

Market Capitalization

Unfortunately, Mars Space X currently has a $1.2 million + market cap. This means that people have sadly invested a lot of money in Mars Space X. Many of these folks I’m certain will not be able to get back their monies.

This token could make you rich in 2022

Liquidity Pool

Mars Space X has $403,476. This suggests to me Mars space X taxes are outrageously high. The market cap to liquidity ratio is outrageous. The developers are cheating people with their outrageous buy and sell tax that is added to their liquidity pool. 85% of the liquidity pool is locked, whilst 15% is unlocked. This lock is unhealthy in my opinion.

Developers of Mars Space X

Mars Space X developers aren’t doxxed. The project is a scam coin. No one will publicly admit to running an obvious scam ring in the name of Elon Musk’s Space X. In my opinion, a token is considered 50 safe, when it has a verifiable doxxed team.

What investors are saying about Mars Space X

On telegram, a lot of investors are unhappy. Here’s a screenshot of the conversation in the telegram group.

On, it is regrets and tears.


Mars Space X is most probably a rebase token. How it has maintained its position on the coinmarketcap is a thing akin to rebase token. The developers set up shop to rob investors. If you invested in Mars Space X, withdraw whatever you have left of your money. The developers are cheats and criminals.  If you ‘planned’ to invest? I believe you know what to do.

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  1. After this article, I went to the telegram and I asked why my tokens disappear and the price is the same, the answer was that I should click on further roll down to 13. Wallet compromised and proceed as instructed and then everything will be fine and your tokens will be back! That’s what I did, I typed in my wallet and I lost all the tokens in my wallet in a few minutes and I asked on the telegram what was going on with my wallet and they blocked me from the chat. I’m stupid

    • Hey man, sorry to hear about that. There’s nothing you can do…some people go about saying they help investors recover their digital assets, but that’s another scam of it own.

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