Morie Inu Token Review: Morie Inu is Legit, Here’s Why!

Morie Inu is a token I saw accidentally. What do I mean by accidentally?  I was researching a Shibtama two days ago, when all of a sudden, I saw a random comment that was promoting the token on coin market cap. I liked the name. So, it went straight to the back of my head.  I took a break from reviewing tokens for two days. And when I came back, Morie Inu has done a 200% pump.

When I saw this pump,  I knew I had to review the token. Hence, this review is for those who are looking to invest in the project, it is also for those who are curious, and for those who perhaps have already invested in Morie Inu. Before we begin, you and I need to establish an understanding. “I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. This article is just a guide and nothing more.” without further ado, let’s know what Morie is.

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What is Morie Inu?

Coin Market briefly describes Morie Inu as the first MaaS token ever created which supports larger ecosystems with added utility. For those who do not understand the term MaaS. It is simply, Meme as a Service. This term will make more sense later in this review. Let’s go on to review Morie Inu’s website.

Morie Inu’s Website

Morie Inu’s website is simple and unique. I like it, however, I recognize it is not the type of website everyone likes. Before we get into understanding what Morie Inu is all about. We have to first understand that Morie Inu is owned by a DAO. For those who do not know, a DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. Simply put, A DAOs is a community of people, who put resources together to accomplish particular goals in crypto, without being influenced by any central authority. The Morie Inu DAO owns several Crypto assets which it calls CryptoMories. These CryptoMories are NFTs available on Opensea. Morie Inu is the token that enables transactions in the CryptoMories ecosystem. 

Morie has some features, these features are. Sweep CryptoMories Floor: For those who do not understand what this term means. Simply put, to “sweep the floor” in NFTs is when a specific project buys all its minted NFTs at the floor price. The Floor price is the lowest price an NFT can be sold. When all listed NFTs are scooped at the “floor,” the buyer is said to have “swept the floor.” This helps to keep the price of Cryptomories up giving current holders confidence in their NFT investment.

Another feature of Morie is that it is Deflationary. This means holding MORIE inu is highly beneficial, as the token is designed to be more valuable. The last feature is the native NFT Marketplace.

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Morie has a total supply of 10,000,000,000. This supply is reasonable. with its hyper-deflationary feature, the token is primed to gain more value. Like many tokens, Morie Inu adopts a tax system. These taxes are supposed to fuel the growth of the ecosystem.

On every buy and sell, investors pay an 11% tax. These taxes are a little high, compared to some tokens. Here’s how the tax is distributed. 6% goes to the marketing wallet, 3% goes to the liquidity, 1% goes to the burn wallet, lastly, 1% is directed to the redistribution wallet.

Morie Inu on Token sniffer

According to token sniffer, Morie Inu is unsafe to invest in. The contract checker rates Morie Inu 0%, at the time of writing this review. Here are some of the negatives around this project, pinpointed by tokensniffer, Ownership is not renounced. The Owner’s wallet contains 16.57% of the total supply. The token is not sellable, that is the token is a honeypot. However, we learn that the contract token sniffer turned it up to be a honey pot because as a community, they decided to do a promo with 0% buy tax and 19% sell tax for 48hrs.

The token has its positives. For example, the token has a unique contract, this is a positive. All holders of the token possess less than 5% of the circulating token supply, this means that there are no whales in the morie inu ecosystem. The token has adequate liquidity.

Developers of Morie Inu

The developers behind this token are nameless and faceless. Ordinarily, this would have been a red flag. However, the contract is relative because it is unique and the community behind it is a DAO, as we are led to believe.

What investors are saying about Morie Inu

Investors in Morie Inu are bullish on the project. On coin market cap. They are mostly active on coin market cap. Here are some of the comments.

“So pumped for this project Great community and the team dedicated and delivering so much with more to come.”

Another one said “these comments below are bad. Stop Fuding Morie INU this project went 48x on launch and will be right back up there they have CEX listings comings and are extremely transparent. Morie INU is bullish”


In conclusion, this project seem pretty legit. The contract is unique. Investors are happy with the dev team. If you are worried about token sniffer’s assessment, you can wait for two todays and see. Also, be ready to shill the token, as investing in the token makes you a member of the community.

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