Mozza Token Honest Review: Legit or Scam?

Mozza token might be new to most of you, but not to me. As a token reviewer, I deliberately search for new tokens with immense potential. It was through one of these searches I found Mozza. This token has been on my coins to review list for some days. So, I’m not surprised to see it up 559%.

Before we begin, you and I need to establish an understanding. “I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. This article is just a guide. See it as entertainment.”

I do reviews because I know token hunters, like you (and I ) will be researching this token, to find out whether this token is a legit or another dressed-up scam.  Hence, this review is for you, if you are looking to invest in the Mozza project, if you are just curious about the project, and if perhaps you have already invested in the project. Let’s know what the Mozza token is.

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What is Mozza Token

According to, “Mozza Token is a community-run asset on the ERC-20 blockchain. Launched on February 8, 2022. MOZZA quickly made clear what they wanted to achieve. MOZZA offers a unique spin on community-run tokens in that it aims to allow holders of the coin to stake their tokens. Holders that stake their token will be able to vote in collaboration with the popular DAO voting platform”  More was said about the token but, let’s head to the website.

MozzaToken’s Website

Mozza token’s website looks pedestrian. I, however, admit that the design is unique. The description begins with a short statement. According to the website,

“Mozza is a one of a kind token that gives buyers a unique and vibrant community to be a part of. We’re going to take off with community calls, input, and devotion to growing this ecosystem.”

The website is a short one and straight to the point. From the website, you get a sense that the developers involved in this token have no time for drama and her straight to the point people.

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Mozza token has a total supply of 1 trillion. This supply is reasonable. 50% of the total supply has been burned. Like many tokens, Mozza token adopts a tax system. According to the website, On every buys and sells investors pay an 11% tax. These taxes are a little high, however, not outrageously high, compared to some other tokens. Here’s how the tax is distributed. 10% goes to the marketing wallet, development, and buy back wallet. While 1% to reflection.

Mozza Token On Tokensniffer

Mozza Token is reasonably safe to invest in. The contract checker rates Mozza 95%, at the time of writing this review. Here are the few negatives around Mozza’s contract, pinpointed by tokensniffer, the contract seems to be a low-quality one. And the selling tax is a little high. Aside from these, the contract is in great shape. For example, the contract ownership has been renounced, the creator does not have any special permission. 99% of the liquidity is locked for 6 months. This means that the token is relatively safe to invest in.

Developers Behind Mozza Token

The developers behind this token are nameless and faceless, that is, they are undoxed. Undoxed projects like this are suspect, however, the contract is safe, because it is renounced and the liquidity is locked for 180 days.


In conclusion, this project seems pretty legit. Although the contract is not unique, it is renounced. The developers have minimal control over the token. The liquidity is locked and the marketing plan and budget seem serious.  The token currently has just 861 investors. Who are happy with the dev team. The token is in its infancy.

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