Muu Inu Token Review: Legit or Scam?

Even in this bear market, there are some meme coin that are pushing and gathering investors like ant gathering sugar, one of such token is muu inu. Before I decided to run a review of muu inu, I used google trends. I learnt that the investors most interested in muu inu are folks from the united states. Other countries haven’t caught the muu inu ‘virus’ yet. 

However, I’m interested in knowing whether muu inu is worth anyone. Therefore this article (like the headline suggests)  is a review of Muu inu. It is intended to educate, inform and warn people (if that is the case), about crypto projects like this.

So, If you are curious about Muu Inu like I am, or you are a potential investor just getting to know about the token, or maybe you are holding the token, already  (this demography is usually very sensitive. Try to read the review with an open mind). Before we get into the main review, however, we first need to establish an understandding.

“I’m not a banker or a financial expert, I don’t even consider myself a crypto ‘expert’ (whatever that means). I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. Crypto investments are high-risk, high-reward ventures. This article is just a guide, consider it alternative entertainment.”

What is Muu Inu?

According to data from coinmarketcap, Muu Inu is a unique utility token on the BSC chain. It has a total supply of 1 Trillion. Muu Inu is aiming to bring about a change through its choice of name and logo. Whilst paying homage to the massive BSC community and the coin which is endorsed by it, (there’s) believe in the potential of this project to do well.

So, basically, Muu Inu is another meme coin trying to replicate the success of Shiba, babydoge an maybe dogecoin.

Usually, when  I see project like I’m not excited because, many like it have come before it, done their thing and disappeared.   However, it seems this project is exciting the imagination of many other. So, lets go on to check out what the token of made of. 

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Muu Inu’s Website

Muu inu’s website is a classic meme coin website.  The website had what I consider second most tiring thing in the memecoin space asides the ‘inu’, the floating lines (that simulates connection or blockchain) has to be the most overs-used thing on the planet. That is a major turn off. It says a lot of thing about the project, and one of such thing is that the project is unoriginal.

The description begins by telling us that
“MuuInu is the KING of the “COW TREND”: If there’s a trend, it would definitely by a fast and consistent delivery to the community – a rather fresh take on BSC. This token is gearing towards domination of the animal hype tokens and eventually colonizing the whole space.”  The website also went to on to say that muu inu has a great and well known dev and a dedicated community that delivers constantly.

From what I have got from the website, muu inu is a typical memecoin, there’s is no addition or substraction in it. Let’s go on to check the tokenomics.


Muu Inu has a total supply of 1 billion. This, although typical of meme coins is a small supply. Muu Inu Investors are expected to pay 6% buy and sell tax. This is how the tax is distributed. 4% is sent to the marketing wallet .1% is directed to liquidity. While the remaining 1% is redistributed to holders of muu inu. This is a moderate taxing.

Muu inu’s promises

The developers behind muu inu are promising upcoming utilites. They plan to launch a  chain, Play2Earn Game, Staking & NFTs.

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Muu Inu Tokensniffer

Tokensniffer rates this token highly.  It scores 75%. This 75% score is a measure of how well the token contract and characteristics meet the criteria for safety. However, there are still red flags around tho token, some of these red flags are:

1. Muu inu’s contract contains ownership functionality and ownership is not renounced this may allow the creator or current owner to modify contract behavior (for example: disable selling, change fees, or mint new tokens). There can be legitimate reasons for not renouncing ownership, check with the project team for such information.

2.  Muu inu’s source code contains a fee a function that can set a maxiumum transaction amount. This means that, the contract can stop an investor from selling, if they perceive that an investor is selling too much. If you think about it, it makes sense of the survival of the coin, but it doesn’t make sense if you are an investor and you find yourself in that circumstance.

Aside these everything about the token, according to token sniffer is positive. 

Developers of the Token

On the website, the developer claim to be popular devs. I do not understand how a project that is not doxxed want to to leverage on dev popularity. It doesn’t make sense to me. Unfortunately, muu inu not being doxxed is a red flag. It is always nice to have a face to a project.

What people are saying

The token is attracting more investors, even it’s old investors all have positives to say about the dev team. The screenshot are gotten via youtube comment.


Inclusion, the only negative around the token is the fact the coin has not been renounced. And also, the fact that the developers claim to collect 6% buy and sell tax, meanwhile they collect 7% sell tax. While this might not mean much, it is clear red flag. The token is a typical meme coin and the developers look like hard workers, by hard work, we mean the marketing department seem to be on point.  If you decide to invest in this token, put in what you can afford to lose.