New Token Alert: Teh Golden One (GOLD1)

Teh Golden one token is gradually becoming one of the mysterious and promising crypto projects in this bear market. The token was launched sometime in May. But it has progressively attracted about 1600 investors, as at the time I writing this article.

A few gem researchers seem to be speculating that the folks behind this token are those behind Shiba Inu and many other successful projects. Here’s a thread I saw on Twitter while looking at the token

The Golden one’s website is very unique. It is unlike many crypto websites. It begins on an empty page and goes on to tell a complex story that makes it look like a cult. 

At the time of writing this article, Teh Golden One is rated a good 100% on the token sniffer. This means that the token is perceived to be authentic by the platform. According to livecoinwatch, Teh Golden currently, has about a $4.390M market cap, bear in mind that it was $9M three days ago. Also, this token hasn’t been listed on coin market cap or coin gecko.

The Golden One seems to be generating a lot of interest from gem hunters. And many are convinced it is the truth. If you decide to invest in this token, invest what you can afford to lose.

It is important to know that this article is not a review. Rather, it is just a signal that bring to your notice potentially explosive coins.

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