Plug Pro Token Review: Legit or Scam Coin

Plug pro is currently gaining the attention of crypto investors looking for the next 100x coin. I noticed the token a week ago through Twitter, and ever since, the token has been getting louder and attracting the interest of more investors.  For a token that has not been listed on either coin market cap or coingecko, plug pro’s growth has been impressive.

I know quite many people will be looking to invest in this token, and that is why I have decided to write this review.

This Plugpro review is an attempt to demystify the token, especially for new meme coin investors. In this review, we will be checking whether Petoverse token is a project you’ll want to put your money into or whether it is another dressed-up scam that’s going to burst soon.

So, if you are curious about Plugpro, or you are a potential investor just getting to know about the token, or maybe you are already holding a plugpro token (this demography is usually very sensitive. Try to read the review with an open mind). I desire to make new investors (even old investors) understand what they are getting into, so I try to explain crypto in an uncomplicated manner by breaking down crypto terms or whatever the developers are trying to say in basic English. Before we get into the main review, however, we first need to establish an understanding.

“I’m not a banker or a financial expert, I don’t even consider myself a crypto “expert” (whatever that means). I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. Crypto investments, especially meme coin investments are high-risk, high-reward ventures. This article is just a guide, consider it alternative entertainment.”

With that said, let’s go!

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What is PlugPro?

The idea of the plugpro project is to establish a place where skilled developers in the crypto ecosystem and folks with business ideas can meet and connect. The above is an oversimplified way of defining the platform, but I think it passes. I think the idea around plug pro is a brilliant one. I, however, know that the idea is not the most unique.  There is some other crypto project with the similar idea behind them.

Plugpro’s Website

Plugpro has a decent website. You can tell easily that it was put together by a professional. The description begins with the below headline.

“Welcome to PlugPRO
DeFi Professionals At Your Fingertips”

As you can see, the description sounds like everyone visiting the website somehow has decided to buy the token. Which is rather a strange way to welcome visitors to the website.

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PlugPro’s White Paper

Plug pro’s white paper is a downloadable pdf that has short information on what the token is about. I will be talking about the things I find interesting in the white paper.

According to the white paper,  PlugPRO is working to address one of the primary challenges faced by crypto projects – finding the right people for the right jobs. But we already know that right?

The white paper went on to say that the plug pro platform will serve as a listing platform for the new KYC project. The token you will find on their platform will be safe, the platform will make money through advertising, etc.

The white paper explained how the plugpro platform will function, but that’s not what this review is about. You can download the white paper here.


Plugpro token has a total supply of 50 billion. Like many tokens, plug pro adopts a tax system. These taxes are supposed to fuel the growth of the ecosystem.

On every buy and sell, investors pay a 10% tax. Plug pro is the first token I have reviewed that has a tax attached to transfers. This shows one thing, the developers of this token are looking to tax investors to death. The taxes around this token are many and high. This, in my opinion, is a red flag. They claim that the taxes are used for marketing, buybacks, liquidity, and team. But, the truth is that most developers loot the funds that come from taxes.

Plug pro on Tokensniffer

According to tokensniffer, Plug pro is unsafe. The contract checker rates Plug pro at 21%, at the time of writing this review. This means that the token has not many downsides. In tokensniffer’s own words, Plug pro’s ownership has not been renounced or the source contains an owner contract. There are potentially toxic whales in the plug pro’s ecosystem, as about 15 addresses own about 30% of the entire supply. The liquidity is also unsafe. 

You, however, have to bear in mind that tokensniffer can be wrong sometimes. I have seen tokens initially score 100% and still pull a rug on investors. However, that occasionally.

The developer behind Plugpro

The developers behind this token are not doxed. This means they are nameless and faceless. This, to me, is another red flag. It is a red flag we have no idea who these folks are, and their antecedents and there’s no way to measure their ability to deliver on these ideas.


The idea behind plug pro might sound brilliant, but it is unoriginal. The developers are leveraging on tasks to enrich themselves. The token is susceptible to large dumps as a very small percentage of holders, have a significant amount of the token. The people behind the token are faceless, and theirs no plug pro platform built yet. The token is currently on a sub $500,000 market cap.

This token has many red flags around it, which makes investing in it very risky. If for whatever reason you decide to invest in this token, kindly invest what you can afford to lose. 

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