Puli Inu Review: Legit or Scam?

Like the Defi Degen Land review I did yesterday, I saw an interesting conversation around Puli Inu on Reddit. That conversation tells me that there’s a lot of FUD around the Puli Inu project and reasonably so. It’s new and the hype is gradually growing.

Therefore this Puli inu review is for those who are looking to invest in Puli inu, those who are just curious about Puli inu, and those who perhaps have already invested in the project. Make sure you get to the end of this Puli Inu review, to find out whether it is indeed a legit or scam project. I promise to make the seemingly complicated crypto terms simple and clear for you to understand.

Before we can go into reviewing Puli inu, you and I need to establish an understanding. (I do this all the time)

“I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. This article is just a guide and nothing more.”

To begin, let us define what puli inu is.

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What is Puli Inu or Pulimatic?

Pulimatic will be an app that combines multiple crypto features like a crypto wallet, a Dex that can be used to swap to your favorite tokens, play to earn games, and chat & discussion room. Pulimatic also plans to own a Gaming LaunchPad. Now you know what Puli claims it is. Let’s get into reviewing the project.

Puli Inu’s Website

Puli Inu’s website is different from many websites. The website is built like a landing page for an app that aims to advertise its features. The description on the website begins with the developers telling visitors to seek information by joining the Puli Inu telegram group. I find that to be a strange way to begin a crypto website.

The entire Puli inu website homepage looks like an ad for the App that is yet to launch. This I think makes the project original and strange at the same time.

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Puli Inu’s White Paper

Puli Inu’s white paper begins with a Disclaimer I struggled to read because it is so tiny. In the introduction, we find out Puli inu also has plans to launch staking on Pulimatic.  Puli Inu claims its contract is currently going through an audit on Techrate. 


Puli Inu has a total supply of 100,000,000.  This is a very reasonable total supply, this supply doesn’t give the traditional meme coin vibe. According to the white paper, 4% of the total supply and 6% were distributed to Liquidity and marketing respectively. There’s no information about the tax structure.  However, tokensniffer.com has the tax to be  10% for buying and 20% for selling. While the buy tax is encouraging, the 20% sell tax is crazy, exploitative.

Market Cap and Liquidity Pool

Puli inu market cap is currently valued at 
$2,552,765. This means that the token is still very fresh in the market. And many investors are not in on it yet.

The liquidity pool is estimated to be $195,741. The market cap to liquidity ratio is good. Even token sniffer confirms this.

Through tokensniffer.com we verify that 63% of liquidity is locked on mudra for 5 years. While 23.1% is locked in a different contract on Mudra Locker until the 10th of February, 2022. Another 5.1% is locked in another different  Mudra Locker until 18th February 2022. Lastly,  4.33% is locked in yet another Mudra Locker until 10 Mar 2022. This to me looks sketchy as fuck. Puli Inu has about 2,467 holders. This holder’s number is potentially going to rise.

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What investors are saying about the token

On YouTube, there isn’t much info about Puli Inu as at the time of creating this Puli Inu. Reddit seems to be where all the Puli Inu banter is.


The idea behind Puli Inu looks great in theory. A place where several crypto-themed stuff goes on. With it staking and play-to-earn feature. The supply makes it look like a serious project. Also, the community is growing and is dogged about the potentials of the token. 

However, there are spots in the project that raises concern and increase the risk around the Puli inu project. The first is the fact the developers are unknown. The second fact is that the buying and selling tax wasn’t disclosed. We had to get it on token sniffer. Things like this require total transparency and they failed in that respect.

Another point worthy of consideration is the fact that the liquidity pool is partially locked for five years. About 39% of Puli Inu’s liquidity is due to be open in the first quarter of this year. This is a red flag. Lastly, the fact that the developers still own the contract, makes it subject to back door manipulation. This may or may not be the case with Puli Inu.

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  1. I thought so too, but they black listed me, i don’t think I did anything wrong buying early on 0.007. Now i cant move my $350. I’ve talk to someone from developer too, still can’t move 🤦🤦

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