Qatar 2022 Token Review: Qatar 2022 Token is a Scam! Here’s Why

Since the beginning of this year, the crypto market has been somewhat uninspiring. It has gotten worse since Russia and Ukraine decided to duel.  However, one token blitzing past others like peak Usain bolt is Qatar 2020 token. The name of this token has to be like the most ridiculous thing since Mr. Bean. But, it is serving its intent and I suppose. This token was just launched recently and between that time and now, it has gathered over  6,000 investors. Why this Qatar 2022 token generating so much interest in this depressed market is the reason for this review.  Like I always do, I will review this token from different angles. So, as to find out whether this token is safe for investors or whether it is just another scam plot. If you are in some way interested, connected to, or maybe you are holder of qatar2022 token. This review was created for you.

But before we begin reviewing Qatar2022 token, you have to first know that “I’m not a banker or a financial adviser. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. It is important to verify or fact-check the things you got from this review and make your conclusions.  This article is just a guide.  Consider it entertainment.” Without further ado, let’s begin.

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What is Qatar Token 2022

According to the token’s description on,  Qatar 2022 Token is a project that was created with the aim of bringing football and cryptocurrencies together so that users can enter the world of crypto football. FWC is a digital currency platform that allows users to create digital currencies while maintaining security and safety.

First of all, the folks (that is, Fifa, the organizers of the football tournament Qatar 2022) the developers of this token are trying to beat or copy, do not play with their money or their copyright materials. If this token has no legal affiliation with Fifa, know that it’s a token that will not survive the long haul.

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Qatar 2022 Token’s Website

Qatar 2022 Token’s website is average looking in my opinion. The description begins by telling us that the token is “fully owned and driven by (the) community!…”

The website went on to say that, Qatar 2022 token (FWC) is a BEP-20 token designed for buying tickets to the World Cup, booking hotels, using various related services, placing bets, and participating in lotteries.

This is technically a lie. Because Fifa has no hands in this token or any token for that matter currently. 

They further went on to lie that they are sponsoring the world cup.  Here’s how they said it.
“We are the sponsors of the World Cup games and as the third part of the roadmap, our goal is to buy tickets with this token.”

The developers behind the token said they are motivated to support child labor. That’s a red flag, as they do not know what they are saying.

Qatar Token On Tokensniffer

Through tokensniffer, we find out that the token’s audit score is 72%. This audit score is ‘good’ on the surface, however, the token has major red flags. These red flags are. one. Some holders of the Qatar 2022 token own significant amount of the token. That is, some wallet contain a substantial amount of tokens. This could have a large impact on the token price if sold or dumped. Two. Only 77% of the liquidity is locked. Otherwise, most token satisfies token sniffer’s criteria for a good token.

Developers Behind Qatar 2022

The developers behind this token are nameless, faceless, yet they claim to be partners of Fifa. Undoxed projects like this are suspect, especially, when the project’s name is a copyright dispute waiting to happen.

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In conclusion, this project is an accident waiting to happen. You observe the token. You’d notice the token’s ticker name does not correspond with Qatar 2022 token. Also, the contract went live some 42 days ago. This means that the developers probably changed the tokens’ name. The token has no affiliation with Fifa, the owners of the tournament, they are trying to cash out from. The developers said they will support child labour.  There are whales in the token’s ecosystem that will definitely dump it on other investors when the time is ready.

Think about it, let’s imagine for a second the token is legit. How relevant will a seasonal currency be? A currency that is only useful once every four years. That doesn’t even make any sense.

If you are looking for a solid meme coin to invest in, stay clear off this one. If you are gambler and you want to risk it, risk what you can afford to lose. This project will definitely fail. It is just a matter of time.

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