Reaction: Hacker Could’ve Printed Unlimited Ethereum but Chose $2 Million

Reactions have continued to trail the news  of the white hacker, Jay Freeman,  who had the chance to print unlimited number of ethereum (Ether) but chose to report the big to This weakness  led to the Coinbase team suspending trading on it’s new Advanced Trading platform. The hacker was also rewarded with $2 million.

On Reddit, a user with the handle catBoy191114 said,

“$2M bounty without having to constantly look over your shoulder doesn’t sound that bad”

Another user said, “It’s not like the average developer can do this. You have to dedicate your life to it and 99% of the time don’t find any bugs so don’t get paid. Also it’s often not really related to ‘coding’ it’s more about finding mistakes or misconfigurations, being a sys admin could give more relevant experience. And you have to be incredibly knowledgeable across several disciplines to know this sort of stuff. The people who do this tend to play with tech in their free time as their only hobby when they aren’t working in a tech job.”

On Twitter, a user said,

“This WH hacker deserves a massive Airdrop that would make him rich or richer.
That’s the only way to promote responsible behavior for those kinds of technical geniuses. Please @coinbase  reward him as it should”

The hacker, Jay Freeman,  a well-known software engineer who had previously worked on Cydia, an app store for jailbroken iPhones. It is said that Mr. Freeman discovered the glitch while looking at a nano payment protocol.

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