Saja Token Review: Is It Still a Scam?

I got to know about Saja token because someone I respect asked that I review the token. Doing my rough checks, I found out that Saja rather has an interesting history.

Few months ago, most reviewers on youtube labeled it a rug pull. Some blamed Adam Shelton for shilling and promoting the coin.

Now, they are back! Not that they went anywhere. They have a new dev team. And investors’ hope is gradually growing.

If you are about to invest in Saja, or maybe you are just curious about the token wanting to know whether Saja token is still a scam? Stick with me to find out.

Before I begin, you need to know that,  I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. Kindly consider this review alternative entertainment.  Without further ado. Let us begin the review.

So? What is Saja Token

According to coin market cap, the word SAJA translates to a lion in the Korean language. The Saja project support lions, their habitat, and everything lions represent. SAJA stands for strength, leadership, and loyalty.

Saja Token’s Website

On Saja token’s website, we find out that the project was created not only as a charity token but also as a means of educating and protecting the crypto community from scammers and potential rug pull projects. I reviewed a token called Shikage, just yesterday. Shikage and Dogezilla have the same utility as Saja.

Saja Utilities

Saja Token has 3 main utilities. These are Saja Defender, Saja Insight, and Saja Seal. Saja Defender will function like tokensniffer. The only difference is that it will have an alert service for its VIP users. For saja insight, it will be an educational platform that will help its users know how to properly research tokens. And, saja seal aims to become a crypto audit platform.

Saja’s Tokenomics

Saja token has a total supply of 1 quintillion. An initial 49% burn has been carried out. Through the white paper, we made to believe holders of Saja Token are entitled to 13% reflection. For those who do not know, a reflection token rewards loyal holders of the token by giving a certain part of the tax to the holders. However, the same white paper also let us know that marketing, charity, and burn wallets are part of the 13% redistribution reward. This makes it rather confusing and unclear. The token claims it has anti whale mechanisms.

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Saja’s Token Sniffer Analysis

The most interesting thing about Saja is tokensniffier’s assessment of the contract. According to Tokensniffer, Saja is 90% safe. The only negative thing about the token is the Buy and sell tax, which is high. Asides from this, the token has been renounced, the contract is unique to Saja, the liquidity is locked, there aren’t whales in the Saja token ecosystem.

Developers Behind Saja Token

Saja has a doxxed dev team. This doesn’t mean much anymore because the token has experienced a rug in the past, even as the then developers were doxxed. The current head Developer is Justin Black

His profile on Linkedin looks legit and active. Other developers just added pictures without a link to their social media profiles, which I find suspicious because of the history of Saja.


This token has been rugged before (that is, it has been used to steal people’s money) the new dev team is looking to revive the project. Data from tokensniffer suggests the token is very safe. The token reminds me of Jacy. However, earning new investors’ trust will be very difficult, if they do not embrace the ugly past as Jacy did.

Again, the fact the token has not been audited by a serious contract auditing firm like Certik increases around the token.

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