Satoshistreetbets Token Review: Legit or Scam?

I’m currently getting loads of hate from some members of  Cheems Inu’s community. Someone even called my review racist for being objective in a fun way. I am a Nigerian and African. How can I be racist to black Americans?

Everything must not be about race sometimes.  I get, it’s hard to think for yourself when you are in a “community”. But try sometimes. Herd mentality will not get people anywhere.

Of all the points of concern I raised about Cheems Inu, none of them was able to counter my review with a more reasonable explanation as to why Cheems Inu is all hype with no discernible substance. What happens when the hype dies down?

Anyway, today’s review is on Satoshistreetbets token. This token is more than a month old. For those who do not know, there’s a Reddit group called Satoshistreetbets, with 508k members. Satoshistreetbets Reddit group has been in existence for 3 or so years.

Satoshistreetbets Reddit group owns a token that is yet to be launched called SatoshiSwap. They are not the owners of this Satoshistreetbets token, I am about to review.

I’m making this clear because, being a Redditor, I know the satoshistreetbets Reddit group because it is popular. So, when I saw the satoshistreetbets token on the coin market cap, I naturally thought it was a token from the Reddit group.

10 easy terms you must understand in Crypto

So, this SatoshiStreetBets token review is for those who are looking to invest in Satoshistreetbet token, for those who are just curious about Satoshistreetbet, and those who perhaps have already invested in the Satoshistreetbet token project (this category of people are usually very sensitive and defensive) try to read the review with an open mind. I promise to make the seemingly complicated crypto terms simple and clear in a fun, enjoyable way.

Here’s something you must know before we go into reviewing Satoshistreetbets.

“I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. This article is just a guide and nothing more.”

With that said, let us get into the review properly.

Satoshistreetbets token’s Website

Satoshistreetbets token’s website was professionally done. No white spaces, the site is fully optimized for mobile and desktop view. It has an SSL certificate, which I consider the first sign of a serious project. The website is simple and classy. I like the overall look of it. The description begins with an introduction. Satoshistreetbets calls itself;

“An Accelerated Hyper Deflationary Token Powered by Advanced Tokenomics and the SSB Business Model”

For those who do not understand what Hyper Deflationary means. A hyper Deflationary Token is in simple words when people buy or sell the satoshistreetbets token, there is an associated fee. This burn will reduce the token supply over time, increasing the value of the token.

Moving on

Satoshistreetbets token has been audited by Certik. This is a plus for the token. The audit shows that the contract code of Satoshistreetbets has been examined by a reputable crypto contract audit firm.  .

A “what makes SSB Token innovative?” section followed immediately. With the constant burns and buyback feature, the token is designed by default to move upward in trajectory.

Satoshistreetbets token has an exclusive NFT marketplace and an SSB Radio contest/giveaways. It also has a staking feature where investors earn Wallstreetbets (wsb) tokens and a wide variety of other tokens listed on the Satoshistreetbets staking platform.

Satoshistreetbets mission and vision

The below image is Satoshistreetbets’ core team mission and vision.

I think the sounds kinda convincing. What do you think?


Satoshistreetbets token’s total supply is 1 quadrillion. For context 1,000,000,000,000,000. There’s a 12% transaction tax levied upon buyers and sellers of Satoshistreetbets token. Here is how it is broken down. 6% (half) of the total transaction tax goes to the Levithian buyback wallet (more about the Levithian buyback in the white paper). 3% goes to lottery/promotion tax. 2% goes the redistribution tax and 1% to the marketing and dev tax.

SatoshiStreetBet Token’s White Paper

Satoshistreetbet token’s white paper is a 12-page downloadable pdf.  In my opinion, the white paper is poorly designed. The character font size is too small. Making it difficult to read. Most of the white paper is a repetition of what is on the website, I however will talk about some of the things I omitted.

The leviathan buyback.

According to the Satoshistreetbets token’s white paper;  “A 6% buyback tax is applied to each transaction; converted into BNB and stored inside the Leviathan contract.
The Leviathan will buy back periodically and strategically through a combination of automated learning and scheduled buybacks. The Leviathan’s buyback is protected by The Rough Seas Tax. This is a scaling increase in sells tax that slowly returns to normal 30 minutes after the buyback. All tokens purchased via buybacks are instantly sent to the burn address and the BNB used deposited into the locked liquidity pool.”

Buy the Dip Tokenomics

There has never been a mechanism that rewards buyers for buying the dip.  The buy the deep (BTD) mechanism of Satoshistreetbet constantly tracks the 4 hours all-time highs (ATH) and any buys made 10% below the 4-hour ATH are rewarded with a reduced buy tax that scales up to an 11% discount at the maximum dip of 20% from the 4-hour ATH. The purpose of BTD is to reward buyers with the lowest possible tax for buying the dip.

Heard about Wolverinu ?

The concept of Satoshistreetbets token’s Leviathan Buyback and BTD  reminds me of Kodi coin. Well thought out and shows the developers to be are innovators. The combination of Leviathan buyback and BTD will create massive amounts of buying pressure.

Market Capitalization and Liquidity Pool

According to, Satoshistreetbets token’s market cap is $5,917,042. This is still relatively low. However, the overall market has been bearish recently. The market cap suggests several people have their investments in the Satoshistreetbets token.

Satoshistreetbets token liquidity pool is valued at $929,312.  97.5% of the liquidity pool is locked. The market cap to liquidity pool ratio is fantastic in my opinion. But that excitement also diminished because I could not determine the liquidity lock time frame.

Currently, the token has 16,584 holders. This is a respectable number of holders in my opinion. Where I have an issue with the token is the fact that there is/are whales in the Satoshistreetbet token’s ecosystem. The top two accounts own about 10.3% of the token. This may subject Satoshistreetbets token to price manipulations.

Developers of Satoshistreetbets token

Satoshistreetbets token developers are undoxxed. On the white paper, they made us know that the team is comprised of business professionals and experienced cryptocurrency experts, with over 100 years combined experience in traditional business and over 30 combined years in crypto. This claim is subject to debate because it is unverifiable. Anyone can make any claim on the internet, it is only through being doxxed we verify these claims. This is a red flag.

What investors are saying about Satoshistreetbets Token

On, there is only one comment on the token. This is what that supposed investor had had to say.

On youtube, upon the launch of Satoshistreetbets token, many investors were enthusiastic. Here are some of their comment.


The name Satoshistreetbets is subject to a contest. I foresee a legal dispute between Satoshistreetbets token and the owners of Satoshiswap over naming rights in the future. Satoshistreetbets token is certik audited, which is fantastic. The team is innovative and investors believe in the project. I believe with proper marketing this Satoshistreetbets token will fly. However, I’m worried about the presence of that one or two whales and the fact that the liquidity pool lock time frame seems to be a secret. If you decide to invest in the Satoshistreetbets token, make sure you confirm the liquidity lock time frame.

Kindly air your comment and let me know what you think. If you find the review interesting, you can share it with your ‘crypto’ friends. Make sure you check out other reviews I have done here.


  1. This is a fair, unbiased review. Well written!
    I’ve been on the fence given its current trajectory but some of the details you’ve laid out(along with my own research) have convinced me to hodl. I think there is potential here. Right now, is an EXCELLENT buying opportunity.

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