Shiryo Inu Token Review: Legit or Scam.

I was going through Reddit, when all of a sudden, I stumbled upon a post that aroused my interest. The post had this,

“Has anyone heard of Saitama Inu. I’m digging for information about it. I read the white paper, seems very promising. It has less than 3K holders and a dex tool score of 99, I’m not really sure what that means. But any information about it will help, thank you.”

I was curious. What is this ‘new’ Saitama inu token? I had to dive in. Mind you, the Redditor posted that comment
123days ago. I paid careful attention to the thread. 

A lot commenters had disparaged the token. Making fun of it and calling all manner of names, but the redditor returned to laugh last. 

The same guy returned after 4 days ago or so to recommend about 4 tokens, of which Shiryo inu is one of them. I’m going to do a review of all four or five of them. I have done mononoke inu’s. Today is Shiryo inu’s turn. 

But before I begin, here’s an important thing you need to know.

I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision or indecision. This article is just a guide and nothing more.

Are you to ready? Let’s GO.

A little about the Shiryo Inu, according to

“Shiryo-Inu is a new NFT trading card game being developed to revolutionise the trading card game industry. The concept for the game may change slightly as we progress through development, but ultimately we envision a full functional DAPP that allows for the minting of trading packs, each trading pack will contain a random combination of cards. The first collection to launch will be the Shiryo collection. There are 5 random cards to be minted in each pack. As development progresses the team plans to release more packs to further enhance gameplay and user enjoyment.”

When I am investigating a new token, the below are the things I look out for

The Website

The White paper

The Liquidity pool

The Market Cap

The Developers of the token

What people are saying about the token on the various websites.

Shiryo Inu’s Website

The Shiryo Inu website is elegant, really well thought out for a game DAPP. There aren’t many better crypto websites like it, out there. I think these Japanese named tokens have their website game on lock.   Seeing token websites like   BuffedShibaMononoke and now Shiryo Inu, look the way they do, is a pleasant thing to see.

The description on the website first starts by telling visitors what Shiryo is about.

Shiryo  Inu is an etheruem based token. You have to know that ethereum is notorious for having high gas fees.

They went to explain that, Shiryo Inu is fully functional DAPP that allows for the minting of trading packs with random cards.

Launching With Shiryo Pack

(Ikiryo INU, Onryo INU, Ichigo INU will be released as future packs)

150 NFT cards to collect in Shiryo Pack

Basically, on the website, they attempt to explain how the game works. Its functionality and the general concept, which honestly, I got a little confused about. I’m sorry, I’m not a game boy.


The token is apparently reflectionary. As the taxation system allows for the sustenance and security of the Token. They tax you 11% when buying and when selling.  I’m surprised I’m not seeing any deflationary mechanism.

Initial Supply

(18 zeros)

Token Distribution

Liquidity: 95%
Dev / Marketing: 5%

White Paper

The white paper begins with Shiryo inu developers telling you about their ambition to become the next Doge, Shiba Inu, floki by building a community. These are their exact words.

“Shiryo-Inu is the latest community focused token to launch on the Ethereum network! Our team is assembled from some of the most experienced individuals in DeFi and we want nothing more than to make Shiryo-Inu the next big thing! We have some huge plans in the works including a complex play to earn game to ensure that Shiryo-Inu becomes synonymous with the likes of Doge, Shiba and Floki!”

They further said some things about the team. But, I’ll be talking about it in the later part of this article.

After that, what follows is the a clearer description of the game play. Here’s how they explained it.

“5 random cards per pack minted
– 1/300 chance of mythic or 1 common – 1/100 chance of legendary or 1 common – 1/30 chance of rare or 1 common – 1/5 chance of uncommon or common – 1 common or utility card – 1 element card
Players will connect to the DAPP and select 50 cards to form a deck, users will need a minimum of 5 element cards in order to play and one season card can be placed per turn. Stronger Shiryo-Inu monsters require more season cards to be placed to allow for their summoning.”

They went on to explain how the game is a play-to-earn game with a twist to it.

“Play To Earn (P2E)
Our game will have a play to earn element, which allows players to be rewarded in tokens for winning games and completing various other incentives such as weekly competitions. Players will be rewarded in our native token, Shiryo-Inu.
More updates regarding the play to earn element of the game will be announced as development progresses.”

These reviews saved our readers millions of dollars

Liquidity Pool and Market Cap

The liquidity pool of Shiryo Inu sits at a growing  $420,102.08 as at the time of writing. With 100% locked in Uniswap. For a coin that just launched a couple of days ago, these are impressive numbers.  The chances creators of this token will steal your investment has been reduced greatly. Here’s a screenshot of the figure, as provided by etherscan. To me, the most unique thing about this project is the contract verification. It gives you another level of confidence. Not many community-based tokens offer such.  It’s the first time I’m seeing that

According to, the market cap is about $7,536,639  and growing. This is an okay market cap, for a token that got launched a few days ago.

The total supply of the token is 1 Quintillion. For context, 1, 000,000,000,000,000,000. This is a crazy supply number in my opinion.

The token has about 5,184 holders. This is super healthy, as it indicates the community is growing and we are still in the early stages.

Developers behind Shiryo Inu token.

Unsurprisingly, developers of Shyrio Inu have chosen to be anonymous. This is not a shock to me because many of these meme coin devs, for reasons best known to them just like being anonymous. I hate to say it, but this is a red flag. If you follow my writing, you’d know I love a project with a face or two faces. But, we can argue that the developers behind Shiba Inu are also faceless. Like the Mononoke inu,  the team represents themselves by placing 12 images with fake names. The fact they aren’t properly doxxed is a red flag.

What people are saying about shiryo inu.

On Twitter, Shiryo inu has about 2.8k followers. This number doesn’t exactly give you confidence, but it’s a very new token, you are lucky to be reading about it now (that’s if you saw this early enough).  Their handle has tweeted a total number of 163 times (as at the time of writing). 

Many followers are very excited about the token. 

On telegram, they have 4k+ people in the group. Investors are upbeat and are excited about the token. The telegram community was educating each other on how to handle unknown coins in wallets. They seem helpful.

On Disqus. Most people acknowledged that the token is for real.



Shiryo-Inu is growing at a fast rate. The team gives you honest energy, from the whitepaper. You can tell they aren’t trying to confuse you with nonsense. They have a good plan and an achievable objective, whether they’ll stick with it, is anybody’s guess. If you are willing to risk it and invest, make sure you confirm the time frame of the liquidity lock. One thing I’m sure of is that many people will invest in this project as they are realizing the potentials of memecoins with strong communities. What I however don’t like about the token is the fact the developers are not doxxed. For me, It’s the biggest red flag among the red flags I highlighted. However, this token is seemingly legitimate.

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