Son Of BabyDoge Review: Legit or Scam?

Hundreds if not thousands of new shitcoins are launched every day. Only very few of them make it to people’s consciousness. One of these few tokens is the Son of Baby Doge token. I noticed this token yesterday. It has done a 900% pump from that time till now. 

And that’s not the most striking thing about it. The most striking thing about Son of Baby Doge, in my opinion, is the name. I’m sure very soon if this token becomes a success. We are going to see another similar token with a name like “Great Grandson of Son of BabyDoge”.  Isn’t that hilarious? Speaking about success, for a project to be successful, that project needs to be legit first. That’s why I’m doing a review of this token, son of Baby Doge.

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This review aims to help investors or potential investors unmask this new token. So, if you are an Investor, or maybe are just curious about son of Baby Doge, or perhaps you have already invested in the project. This review was made for you.
Make sure you stay with me till the end of this review.  To find out what my personal opinion of the token is. You will be surprised.

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Before we get into reviewing Son of Baby Doge token, you have to know that “I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decision. This article is just a guide and nothing more.”  With that said and understood, let us define what Son of BabyDoge is.

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What is Son of Baby Doge?

According to, Son of Babydoge is Babydoge’s favorite son. It was born when Babydoge is ready to break its all-time high. Doge and Wifedoge, babydoge’s parents, decided to use all their resources to bring happiness to their grandson, Son of Babydoge. Son of Babydoge will bring the most creative NFT and (P2E) game loved by many Influencers.

If you are new to crypto, this is how meme coins work. There are absolutely zero reasons why a token like this should exist, logically. But it happens.

Let’s move to review Son of Baby Doge’s website.

Son Of BabyDoge’s website

The token’s website is horrendously low budget. I’m not saying this to sound controversial or something. I’m saying this because I’m a front-end web developer. I could make that website in 4 hours. The developer behind the website is either a learner or is being owed money by
Son of BabyDoge dev team.

When you click on the menu, you’d find a section that is named Son of Baby Doge “Ecosystem”. There they said a few things they are going to embark on. These things are NFT marketplace, Farms and Staking, GamePad, and Swap Exchange.

Now, my question is, if you can knock off a decent website. How are you going to build these things?  

Luckily Son of Baby Doge has a white paper and has been audited. Let us get into that.

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White Paper and Audit Report

Like the website, Son of Baby Doge’s whitepaper looks tacky, cheap, and flimsy. It looks to me that, the developers are working on a budget. So couldn’t be bothered to employ a professional to do certain things for them. The white paper is majorly a repetition of what is on the website. So, I’d move straight to its tokenomics.


Son of BabyDoge has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000. If you invest in the token you will be charged a high 12% tax upon every buy and sell of the token. This is how this 12% tax is utilized. 4% goes to the marketing wallet. Another 4% goes to the “NFT and Game development” wallet. 2% goes to liquidity. While 2% goes to reflection. For those who do not know. Reflection is a reward system that encourages holders of the token to keep holding. Every holder of Son of BabyDoge benefits when transactions occur because they share the 1% transaction fee. This increases their holding figures.

In my opinion, this tokenomics is not transparent. It wasn’t constructed in good faith. And it appears exploitative. 4% for marketing and another 4% for Game development? c’mon.

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Tech Audit Report

Son of Baby Doge has been audited. However, Tech Audit (I’m sorry to say) currently has zilch credibility. Token Sniffer rates the token 45/100. Which is pretty poor to me. We also found out through token sniffer that the token charges 24% if you intend to sell. This was hidden from its white paper. Showing the developers are not exactly transparent. There are also whales in the Son of BabyDoge ecosystem, which could see the token crash when the whale sell of. Overall, the token is not safe, even with the audit. The owner can stop people from selling.

With the contract examined. Let’s move to check whether the developers behind this project are doxed.

Developers Behind Son of BabyDoge

The developers behind Son of BabyDoge are not doxed. This will always be a red flag to me. Doxxed project gives you more confidence in a project. The risk of investing in an undoxed project is numerous. Many of these undoxed developers abandon their project (when people recognize it’s a scam), only to set up another one immediately.


Son of BabyDoge appears to be banking on hype and the hype only. The tokenomics is not pro investors, rather it is pro-it developers, who are disguising it to be pro-project. There are whales in the SOB ecosystem, which can be toxic and dangerous for small investors. The developers are unknown.  Investing in this project is obscenely risky. Remember to do your own research.

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  1. son of baby doge is a scam. i bought 800 million shares and every time the price goes up my shares go down. i should have made a decent profit at this point. but honestly i have not sold any and i have no transactions leaving my wallet and i now have only 5 million shares. SCAM!

  2. It does appear to be a rebase token. I bought in and every time the price rises, my token quantity automatically reduces. My total $ amount does seem to keep hovering around what I put into it. It’s a big red flag that the Son of Babydoge site doesn’t make this structure clear. I still don’t understand why investors would buy into rebase tokens, and I regret putting money into SOB.

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