Spooky Shiba Token Review: Legit or Scam?

Today, we review the spooky Shiba token. This coin has been trending on coin market cap for some days. So, I got curious and decided to check the token. Ladies and gentlemen, I know my channel is new with a small number of subscribers, but trust me, I know my onion. My judgment is objective and 95% of the time, they are correct. This is not me boasting. You can check my website. The link is in the description.

So, if you are an Investor, or maybe are just curious about the SpookyShiba, or perhaps you have already invested in the project. This review was made with you in my mind. Make sure you stay with me till the end of this review.  To find out what my personal opinion of the token is.

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Before we start reviewing SpookyShiba token, you have to know that “I’m not a banker or a financial expert. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. Consider this review alternative entertainment.  With that established,  let’s know what Spookyshiba is.

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What is Spooky Shiba?

On coinmarketcap.com, we learn that spookyshiba is the first-ever “Horror Genre” Token. The Spookyshiba dev team just created a Video Game for all holders. This video game operates a “Holder Evolution Technology”. This simply means that holders will get to decide the future of the gaming experience. Now we have an idea of what this token is. Let’s get to the website.

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SpookyShiba’s Website

The token’s website is spooky, which is in character. Looking at the website, it seems the developers seem not to care about aesthetics. Going into the details on the website, we find out that spookyshiba is a play-to-earn game project that lives on the binance smart chain. The developers seem to be very proud that Spooky Shiba has been featured in some of the most popular websites in the world. These websites are, yahoo, btcmanager, etc

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For me, the most important aspect of SpookyShiba’s website is the part marked in green. The ” How did SpookyShiba section come to be”. The developers answered this question by saying that SpookyShiba gained its grip in the BSC realm after its release in October of 2021. Some thought its value would plummet after October 31st when Halloween came to an end, but quite the opposite happened. They don’t say “Spooky Season Never Ends. They further answered questions about what sets it apart. From these answers, I could tell the dev team is honest about the token. Let’s get into the token’s white paper.

SpookyShiba’s Whitepaper

Spooky Shiba’s whitepaper can be downloaded through Dropbox. The whitepaper follows a spooky, Halloween theme. It begins with an about. We have gone through most of the whitepaper. So, I use this section of the review to talk more about SpookyShiba’s tokenomics.


According to SpookyShiba’s whitepaper, the project initially launched with a total supply of one quintillion.  Half of the initial supply was immediately burned and sent to a dead wallet. An additional Thirteen Quadrillion tokens have been burned and sent to the dead wallet with multiple future burns planned. However, the tax structure on the website and the white paper seem inconsistent. Let us examine that.

According to the white paper, Investors are charged a reasonable 10% tax upon every buy and sell of the token. This is how this 10% tax is utilized. 5% goes to the marketing wallet. While the remaining 5% goes to the liquidity pool wallet. On the website, it says investors are taxed a low 7% upon every buy and sell. 3% goes to the marketing address white 4% goes to the liquidity pool. Let’s check token sniffer to find out which one of the above is true. Tokensniffer says the 7% tax is the correct one. From this, we gather that 10% used to be the tax. Now that has been changed to 7%. The white paper needs to be updated. Again, from token sniffer, we learn that the token is 42% safe. Also, the contract does not contain a max transaction amount. Which makes it a honeypot risk, amongst many other negatives.

Developers Behind Spooky Shiba

Fortunately, spookyshiba has a doxed team. Wrenn Taylor (LowGun Paul) is the chief developer. From LinkedIn, it appears he is from the united states. Here’s a picture I got from a simple google search.

The second developer (asst) is Jamie. There’s not much I could get on him from youtube. It clear is that these devs are with their proposition. I however doubt they are game developers.

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I do not think Spooky Shiba developers will run a rug pull or honey pot on their investors. The developer’s faces are out there. The token however needs more marketing efforts. It looks like the Spooky Shiba community is passive.  Leaving the marketing efforts for the developers to run only. The token is guaranteed to come alive during the Halloween season. If you decide to invest in this token, be ready to shill and hype the shit out of it for your investment to grow. 

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