What is PulseChain? PulseX? Is it a Scam?

There seems to be a gradual spread of what I’m terming the “Pulsechain or PulseX virus” around the world. I learned about Pulsechain and PulseX a week ago and I have been getting questions about the Pulsechain project ever since.

If for some reason you find yourself googling Pulsechain and PulseX. It means you have caught the Pulsechain virus and only information from this website (and other websites, of course) will cure you.

Enough of the bad jokes, let’s get more serious!

What is PulseChain?

In simple language, PulseChain is a blockchain-based crypto ecosystem that split from the Ethereum blockchain. Think of it as Ethereum’s son that decided to branch out to pursue his own ambitions. Pulsechain provides massive improvement from the drawbacks of Ethereum.

Folks Behind Pulsechain

The people behind Pulsechain are people from the ethereum community, who saw the need to have a better version of Ethereum by forking the ethereum blockchain and creating the PulseChain blockchain. For those who do not understand what a blockchain fork is. A fork occurs if some member of a blockchain community makes a change to the set rules in the blockchain. When this happens, the chain splits — producing a second blockchain that shares all of its histories with the original, but is headed off in a new direction. Another fork of Ethereum is Ethereum Classic.

One of the very important things aspect of Pulsechain is the people behind the project. One of which is EVERYTHING BLOCKCHAIN, INC. Everything blockchain is a software architecture, development, and services company that specializes in blockchain technologies. Another point of note is the fact that Overwatch Partners, Inc. A venture capital, business incubator service specializing in technology and blockchain companies, and the largest shareholder of Everything Blockchain, is also behind the project.

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Again, Richard Heart, who cryptoslate.com describes as

“a Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and internet marketing expert who has founded and managed several successful Internet startups, the largest having 150 employees with a turnover of $60M and operating in mortgage and consumer finance markets”.  Is also behind the project.

Richard has been involved in a project (HEX) that has done 1000X, so he clearly has the experience to lead this new project.

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What is PulseX

PulseX is simply the decentralized exchange that will be used when the Pulsechain blockchain launches. The PulseX platform (DEX) will enable investors to swap their tokens from other blockchains. Think of Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Sushiswap, etc.

What is PLS

$PLS is the native coin of the PulseChain blockchain. It is the currency that will be used to foster transactions on this new blockchain when it launches.

Pulsechain Sacrifice, PulseX Sacrifice

One of the “terms” that confused the shit out of me, when I was researching the Pulsechain project was the “Pulsechain Sacrifice”. I genuinely thought for a moment that I was on the wrong website. It took me about 5 minutes of frantic searches on google, to get what the hell “Pulsechain sacrifice” meant. Anyway, here’s what Pulsechain sacrifice means.

Pulsechain sacrifice is a “donation” investors make to get airdropped $PLS that is the native coin of Pulsechain blockchain. So, you are sacrificing funds (investment) with zero expectations. However, if the PulseX token moonshots upon launch. The of the PulseX token that had been airdropped to donators could 1000X. As HeX did. As of the time of writing this article, the pulsechain sacrifice phase is complete.

However, the pulseX sacrifice phase just started.

Features of the PulseChain Blockchain and or PulseX

One of the most important features of the PulseChain blockchain is the transaction fee on transactions. Everyone knows Ethereum is notorious for its high gas fees. PulseChain fees will be dirt cheap, according to information on their website.

Another feature of PulseChain is that its native token $PLS can be staked and delegated to validators that reward the delegators with the largest percentage of fees.

Pulsechain is also Interoperable, meaning that Pulsechain blockchain can interact with other blockchains. Interoperability enables blockchains to share and access their data and interoperate with one another. This means that ETH can be traded on the Pulse network and PLS can be traded on the Ethereum network. Bridging can also be done to other smart contract-capable networks. There are other features. I however got bored about writing about it because they are no different from what other blockchains have already.

Pulsechain also comes with a fat disclaimer that emphasized the importance of having no expectation of profit upon ‘sacrifice donating’ into the Pulsechain blockchain project.

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Pulsechain blockchain and those behind it seem to have their marketing strategy right. There is an air FOMO around this project that no one seems to know when it will finally launch. Mind you, the team behind this project has been postponing the launch date of Pulsechain blockchain since June last year. The token is certainly legit and has a lot of utility and hype around it. This hype will continue to grow (I think). That’s why investing, sorry sacrificing funds into the project seems to make a lot of sense.

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Please remember that crypto investments are high-risk, high rewards. You are advised to invest (donate, in this case) responsibly.

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