Will Smith Inu Reveiw: Legit or Scam

Have you seen the viral video of Will Smith assaulting Chris Rock at the Grammys? I do not enjoy  talking about things like that. Usually, I just laugh about such ‘issues’ and move on with my life. Let’s face it, we have no idea, what is what in the grand scheme of things. We only assume and see points from our personal biases and some frame it in ways that sounds intelligent (for some). However, I am forced to write about it, or rather, something like it because some opportunistic meme coin developers has created a token called Will Smith Inu token. And it token was inspired by #theslap. The point of reviewing Will Smith Inu is 1. To find out whether the token is worth anyone’s time. 2. To find out if the token is a legit one, with a purpose. So, if you are interested, want to know more about Will Smith Inu, or maybe you are already a holder. This article was made with you in mind.

But before we begin, you have to know that, I’m not a banker or a financial adviser. I will not be held responsible for your financial decisions. It is important to verify or fact-check the information you got from this review and make your conclusions.  This article is just a guide. Consider it entertainment. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

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What is Will Smith Inu?

On coinmarket cap, we find out that Will Smith Inu token was  inspired by the moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. They developers went to to say that the token “in no way, shape, or form, associated with Will Smith”. The token is currently up over 3000% and it one of the most talked  about meme tokens on coinmatketcap right now. Let’s go on to review the website.

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Will Smith Inu’s Website

Will Smith Inu’s website is a rushed one. It is as if, the developers did it in a haste, so that no one else will beat them to it. The website is basic and lacking in any clear detail what the token is, asides being ‘inspired’ by the slap. The website began with a video of the slap. And is littered with memes of Will Smith. The only ‘detailed’ description of the token is this.

“WILL SMITH INU is the next hottest crypto meme this bull run! We are an experienced DeFi native team, a community of chads; and most importantly the NEXT bullish meme in the hottest bull market of 2022! $WSI to the moon!”

You can see, with the way the quoted worded that the developers are clearly not interested in the token as a project. They are clearly taking advantage of the seeming bull run to release what they think is the hottest meme coin. Which is not a bad thing of you know how meme coins work. The rest of the website is littered with memes. The developers did not see any need to provide investors with it tokenomics. Which is an essential part of the crypto and even meme coins. They rather blasted everywhere with memes. Let’s go on to  check Will Smith Inu token’s contract on a contract checker too called tokensniffer.

Will Smith Inu On Token Sniffer

On tokensniffer, Will Smith Inu is rated 5O%. This is an average score. It doesn’t make you overly confident in the token, and it doesn’t scare you away either. Tokensniffer highlights that the Will Smith Inu’s  contract source has both its positive and negative sides. Here are some of the negatives. Will Smith Inu has a high selling fee. This is one of the major feature of tokens that just want to make money of inexperienced meme token investors. Again, the contract is a knock off or rather a copy of another contract. This shows the developers probably created this token in a few minutes. No serious planning was done. Also, the contract is not renounced. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing, it depends on how you look at it. A contract being renounced has it benefits, however, it comes with it drawbacks. Lastly on the negatives, According to tokensniffer, not enough liquidity is locked which could allow for significant amounts to be removed (rug pull). Now to the positives, the token’s sell fee of 3%is reasonable. There’s adequate liquidity. There are no potentially toxic whales in Will Smith Inu ecosystem.

Developers Of Will Smith Inu

The folks behind Will Smith Inu token are not known. This, in my opinion, increases the risk around the token. It increases the risk because we do not know whether they are folk investors can trust or whether they have the right skillset to deliver on their promise. One of the shillers of this token is Adam Shelton. The guy is anything but honorable. He shills tokens for a living. Sometimes the tokens he shills bang. Other times, they absolutely tank. I do not think Adam Shelton can be trusted because he is obviously a paid shiller, who doesn’t really care about the folks that listen to him.


In conclusion, from my experience in the meme coin space. This token has not come to deliver any value in the market place. It is only an opportunistic creation with the sole purpose of rewarding early investors and punishing later investors. This token might pump to high heavens right now. But it is destined to crash and burn. And there might be nothing that will pump it again. The developers will pack their profit and move on to another project. We have seen it happen time and time again. This token might not rug pull or honey pot. But it was built to crash and be abandoned. So, get involved in this token only if you understand the game. If you are a new comer, stay faraway from it.

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