Wolf Save Poor People Review: Legit or Scam?

Thinking of buying the Wolf Save Poor people token (wspp), but you are not sure it’s legit or a  scam? In this review, I’ll share my thought about the token, along with some tips and tricks to help you make a good decision.

How did I discover this funnily named coin?

I was going through coinmarketcap.com. In the top gainer’s section, the coin had pumped 1126378%. That’s the craziest pump I have seen. So, I decided to do a thorough review to check whether it’s a legitimate token or not. Whether it is safe to invest in it or not. Find out everything about it.

What I found out is what I’m sharing with you on this blog.

Usually, whenever I’m looking at or investigating new tokens or crypto projects, the below are the things I watch out for.

  • Website
  • Whitepaper
  • Liquidity pool
  • The developers behind it
  • What people are saying about it

I will go on to explain all these as it relates to the Wolf Save Poor People token (wspp) in the subsequent paragraphs.


My first impression, as I landed on the Wolf Save Poor People token (wspp) website, was that of dismay. It looked like a knock-off website, developed by people without ideas. If you know anything about shitcoins, you’ll know the website is a shitcoin classic. When a crypto website has a floating ‘blockchain’ design, that project should put you on red alert.

I tried reading the text on the website. To make sense of the whole thing, but I found out that those behind the project didn’t even know what they are doing!

It seems the target of this obvious scam is those who cannot read. Or those who do not understand English.

Here’s an except from the website

“A DApp can have frontend code and user interfaces written in any language that can make calls to its backend. Furthermore, its frontend can be hosted on decentralized storage such as Swarm. DApps are typically open-source, decentralized, incentivized through providing tokens to those who validate the DApp, and in compliance with a specific protocol agreed upon within the community…

Based on the website only, wolfe save poor people token is a big scam. But let’s give them, the benefit of doubt.

White paper

The second thing I look out for is the white paper of the project. If you don’t know what a white paper is an informational document is usually issued by a company or not-for-profit organization to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service that it offers or plans to offer.
Back to Wolf save poor people (wspp) token. I downloaded their white paper to make sense of what this project was about, and I honestly felt like crying. I’m not exaggerating.  You don’t believe me?

Here’s is an except from its ‘whitepaper’

While the world economy is expected to recover to 4 percent growth in 2021, this is not the case with extreme poverty. World Bank projections suggest that the number of people living in extreme poverty will not change broadly between 2020 and 2021. This is because most of the very low income population is concentrated in the poorest countries, such as Nigeria, India and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More than a third of the world’s poor are citizens of these three countries. By creating programs to help poor people around the world, wolf safe poor people are committed to reducing poverty in the world by using a blockchain system.

After reading what I felt like breaking my phone screen. You could tell it was put together by someone who doesn’t clearly understand what He is saying. The white paper doesn’t make any tangible sense. I can’t even begin to analyze the nonsense I read on that white paper.
Don’t put your money in this coin people. Wolf save poor people was created for the sole purpose of stealing people’s money.

If you feel I’m talking gibberish, or maybe I’m just a hater of the token, continue reading. I continued my investigations by checking wolf save poor people token’s  liquidity pool.

Liquidity pool.

If you don’t know what a liquidity pool is, here’s what it means.

A liquidity pool is basically the amount of cryptocurrencies locked into a smart contract by it developers to enable investors or traders trade the assets on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

The liquidity pool is one of the most important aspects of checking to know whether a project is worth the risk or not.

Now, for the wolf save poor people token, 73 percent of the liquidity pool is attached to one person. This is a giant red flag. The address is not a dead address, another monstrous red flag. There’s no dead address connected to the token, another big red flag. The entire liquidity pool is a a cluster of red flags.

I also checked the holders of the token, as at the time I checked over 235 people were holding the coin, this is not healthy.

Developers behind the coin.

The developers behind this massive shitcoin are nameless. Although there are some random pictures, attached to the website, their names or position weren’t given. They however look like pictures gotten from random searches on Facebook.

What people are saying about the coin

I also looked out for what other people are saying about the coin.
So, I checked YouTube and saw a video that had comments from 3 months ago, that is, July 2021.

Initially, investors were bullish about the token.
But after a while, it waa s all pain and regrets in the comment section of the video.

In conclusion, this coin has all the character and persona of a pump and dump coin, aka a shitcoin. Which will hold little or no value in the future. If you are thinking about getting or holding this coin after reading this review, you need to give yourself a long hard look.